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A Hormann LPU42, M-Ribbed, Sectional Garage Door finished in Black

A Hormann LPU42, M-Ribbed, Sectional Garage Door finished in black. Automated by a Hormann Supramatic Operator, it was fitted in Orpington by our Sidcup Branch. The Hormann LPU 42 is a double skinned, 42mm thick, sectional garage door. Offering high levels of insulation thanks to its CFC-free rigid PU foam, weather seals surround the frame […]

2 x Woodrite Wawrick Thames, wide-vertical boarded, Idigbo canopy garage doors

2 x Woodrite Wawrick Thames, wide-vertical boarded, Idigbo canopy garage doors & Fascias finished in Natural Oak. These were fitted in Homer Green by our Watford Branch alongside matching Idigbo side gates, also finished in natural Oak. Hand-built and fully finished to the highest standards, Woodrite pride themselves on their unique timber garage doors. Idigbo […]

Hormann LPU 42 L-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door in Anthracite Silkgrain

A Hormann LPU 42 L-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door in Anthracite Silkgrain, matching the front door of this new build. It was fitted by our Croydon Branch in Redhill with a Hormann Supramatic Operator. The Hormann LPU 42 is a double skinned, 42mm thick, sectional garage door. It offers high levels of thermal insulation thanks to […]

2 x Garador Sutton Retractable Garage Doors finished in Traffic White

2 x Garador Sutton Retractable Garage Doors finished in Traffic White. These Garage Doors were fitted by our Upminster Branch in Romford. The Garador Sutton comes available in 19 different colours, it’s classical appearance blends well with most home’s architectural features. Secured with solid locking rods, a secure euro cylinder alongside its strong box section […]

SWS Seceuroglide Compact Roller Garage Door in Black

An SWS Seceuroglide Compact Roller Garage Door, finished in Black, with a Fascia to conceal the coil from the inside of the garage! It was installed by our Sidcup Branch in Bromley. The SWS Seceroglide Compact Roller Garage Door uses an individual slat system, which has been made even narrower than before. This allows their […]

SWS Seceuroglide Classic Roller Garage Door in Navy Blue

An SWS Seceuroglide Classic Roller Garage Door in Navy Blue. It was fitted behind the frame by our New Malden Branch in Woking. The SWS Seceuroglide Classic Roller Garage Door is manufactured from strong, twin-walled aluminium slats with an insulating core. These slats are secured together via a high-performance webbing, yielding smooth and quiet operation. […]

Hormann LPU42, S-Panelled, Sectional Garage Door in White Woodgrain

A Hormann LPU42, S-Panelled, Sectional Garage Door (14’ x 7’) finished in a White Woodgrain. With automation provided by a Hormann Supramatic Operator, fitted by our Croydon Branch in Westerham. The LPU42 is a modern, stylish, double skinned door. It is available in 16 individual RAL colours with a woodgrain effect also as an option. […]

SWS Classic Roller Garage Door in Fir Green

An SWS Seceuroglide Classic Roller Garage Door fitted behind in the opening in Fir Green. This installation was handled by our Croydon Branch in Bletchingly. Available in 18 paint or wood effect finishes, there is a choice of over 40 woodgrain finishes allowing a precise match to your property’s appearance! It is fully customisable with […]

Hormann S Panelled LPU42 Sectional Doors finished Black Woodgrain

2 x Hormann S Panelled LPU42 Sectional Garage Doors (14’6” x 7’0” + 8’0” x 7’0”), finished in a Black Woodgrain. They were fitted to the customer’s existing operators which were previously installed. In some cases, we can reuse your current automation setup to be used with your new garage door, or we can automate your […]

Hormann Thermo65 Style 800 entrance door in CH703 Decograin Foil

A Hormann Thermo65 Style 800 entrance door, with side elements, finished in CH703 Decograin foil. It features fully sandblasted triple glazing, an HB14-2 bar handle and custom Aluminium Cill! This installation was fitted in High Wycombe by our Watford Branch. The Thermo65 is “the front door that makes you feel welcome”. With 13 attractive styles, […]

3 x SWS Securoglide Roller Garage Doors in a Rosewood Woodgrain

3 x SWS Securoglide Roller Garage Doors, finished in a Rosewood Woodgrain, fitted by our Croydon Branch in East Grinstead. With Seceuroglide Roller Garage Doors, you have a choice of 18 RAL or over 40 Woodgrain colours, with the option for a custom RAL colour should it be required. Since its launch as the first […]

SWS Seceuroglide Compact Roller Garage Door in white

An SWS Seceuroglide Compact Roller Garage Door in white, utilising a narrower aluminium slat system. This makes Seceuroglide’s already excellent security available to smaller garages. Taking up just 8” of headroom, it can be fitted in front, behind or (height permitted) within the opening. This installation was fitted between the frame in Haywards Heath by […]

Fort Georgian, Personnel Door in White

A Fort Georgian, Personnel Door, finished in White. Also referred to as “pedestrian doors”, they offer a useful entry for the garage aside the garage doors. (Learn more about each type of garage door). Designs and finishes matching each door are available whilst security is also kept in mind, featuring the same Euro locking barrels […]

Garador Beaumont, 50:50 Side Hinged Garage Door in White

A Garador Beaumont Side Hinged Garage Door, which combines reliability with quick access! Fitted with a handle both inside and out, security and accessibility are both vital to this door’s construction. Bolt latches fitted are on the top and bottom of the door as a result whilst side hinged garage doors open outward, providing you […]

Hormann Series 2000 (Style 2002) Up and Over Garage Door finished in White

A Hormann Series 2000 (Style 2002) Up and Over Garage Door finished in White. With options for both Retractable (Up to 14’0”) or Canopy (Up to 8’0”) Gear, it is versatile in sizes. This door can be partnered with a double door conversion to create easier access to your garage. This is done using our […]

Garador Georgian Double Retractable Garage Door finished in “Traffic White”

A Garador Georgian Double Retractable Garage Door finished in “Traffic White”. As this model is available in 17 more colours, matching your home is a breeze! Equally, it is available in both single and double door options dependant on what is required. This door can be paired with Canopy gear as well. Find out what […]

Garador Horizon, Canopy Garage Door in “Anthracite Grey”

A Garador Horizon, Up and Over Garage Door, finished in “Anthracite Grey”. With its strong box section chassis, rivet-free construction and high-grade galvanised steel build, you can rest easy knowing your garage is secure. Available in both Canopy and Retractable gear (read more about the differences), with automation options and up to 18 colours available! […]

Hormann LPU42, M-Ribbed, Sectional Garage Door in Golden Oak Decograin

A Hormann LPU 42, M-Ribbed, Sectional Garage Door. The LPU42 offers modern aesthetics whilst providing excellent thermal insulation properties! It can be matched to your property with many colours ranging in 6 unique finishes alongside options for inlays, windows and designs. This installation was finished in a Golden Oak Decograin and features a Hormann Promatic […]

Hormann LPU42 M-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door in White

A Hormann LPU42 M-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door. The LPU42 garage door offers the best-possible insulation in its class. Its 42mm thick sections give great stability but keep operation smooth and quiet. Available in both Steel and Solid Timber, with 18 styles & 6 designs (With timber offering many more!) original doors have never been so […]

Hormann 2034 GRP Up and Over Garage Door in Cherry Oak

A Hormann 2000 series GRP Up and Over Garage Door, combining great quality with fantastic aesthetics; you wouldn’t believe this isn’t a real wood panel! It comes with a choice of multiple woodgrain finishes and handles so matching your home’s style has never been easier. Available with Canopy Gear (Up to 8’0”) or Retractable Gear […]

Hormann 2001 Vertical-Ribbed Retractable Garage Door in Traffic White

A Hormann 2001 style, vertical ribbed, retractable garage door. With options for manual or automatic operation, the 2000 series offers a strong steel base coupled with a stylish, vertical ribbed designed. Galvanised and finished in a powder coating, they come in “Traffic White” as standard but there are 6 further options available at a surcharge. […]

Fort Horizontal Wide-Rib Up and Over Canopy Garage Door in Beige Grey

A Fort Horizontal, Wide-Rib, Up and Over Canopy Garage Door. It has a matching steel frame with a custom sprayed fascia finished in a special RAL7006 “Beige Grey”. This installation was fitted by our Watford Branch in St. Albans. A strong choice of garage door for affordability, aesthetics and longevity. Your garage door will “look […]

Garador Beaumont Side-Hinged Garage Door in Jet Black

The Garador Beaumont Side-Hinged Garage Doors, available with a choice of cross, diamond, or standard windows (Clear or Crystal), combining great aesthetics & reliable performance. With both garage doors opening outwards, they maximise space within the garage, whilst preventing draughts with 3 sides featuring weather strips. This installation was finished in “Jet Black”, however with over […]

Rockdoor Ultimate Dakota Composite Entrance Door in White

A Rockdoor Ultimate Dakota Composite entrance door. With a top security rating of “1” and an excellent “A” energy efficiency rating. At 50mm thick, it features a 44mm rigid core with carbon fibre reinforcing as well as 3mm high impact internal + external skin. Alongside this security, it has weather gaskets to prevent unwanted draughts plus should […]

SWS Seceuroglide, Classic, Roller Garage Door in Black

An SWS Seceuroglide Classic Roller Garage Door, finished in Anthracite. Maintaining its status as a market leader, the Seceuroglide has received continuous development and innovation providing you with a secure yet space-saving design. They have a choice of 18 paint or wood effect finishes, whilst there are over 40 woodgrain finishes, it has never been easier to match your […]

Garador Horizon Canopy Garage Door in Traffic White

A Garador Horizon Canopy Garage Door, with a classical appearance alongside its attractive price. These panels are rivet free with secure euro cylinders and solid locking rods to keep your garage secure. Alongside the Horizon’s strong box chassis, the panel will match modern and traditional homes alike with its 18 colour choices! Paired alongside a Hormann Promatic Operator, reliable function at a competitive price is guaranteed. Hormann also offer a Supramatic & Promatic […]

Hormann LPU42, L-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door in White Silkgrain

A Hormann LPU42 finished in white silkgrain, the LPU42 is double skinned to offer “good insulation” with 42mm thick sections. With 7 different finishes (5 steel & 2 timber) its easy to get a unique door with the multiple windows & entrance/side door options available. Having been fitted with a Hormann Promatic Operator, guaranteed reliability & good security is offered […]

Markilux 5010 Cassette Awning with a 30103 Gradient Sunvas

A recent installation of a Markilux 5010 cassette awning with a 30103 gradient Sunvas fabric, featuring excellent weathering and fantastic UV resistance! The 5010 is referred to as “The Universal One” and effortlessly extends at a touch of a button or smart control. Encouraging family’s to come together, the 5010 can be coupled with up to 3 […]

Markilux 990 Light Ivory Cassette with a Striped 31316 Sunvas

A Markilux 990 with a Light Ivory cassette, and a striped 31316 Markilux Sunvas. The Sunvas is self-cleaning, blocks 97% of UV radiation and provides a warm, luminescent glow. Furthermore, the SNC provides a stronger, rot-proof & longer lasting shade whilst the Oko-tex Standard 100 guarantees no harmful chemicals were used in production. With both […]

Ryterna 50/50, Vertical Ribbed, Side-Hinged Garage Door in Chartwell Green

A Ryterna 50/50 Traditional, Insulated, Vertical Ribbed, Side Hinged Garage Door. With each door made to order, a custom split can be achieved whilst offering a low maintenance door with “endless design and colour options”. Using double skinned sections, filled with Freon-free PU foam, amazing thermal efficiency and acoustic insulation are catered for. Alongside this, tubular rubber seals […]

SWS Seceuroglide Classic Roller Garage Door in Anthracite

An SWS Seceuroglide Classic Roller Garage Door, with minimal space requirements due to its individual slat system it also offers unparalleled security through curtain, end plate and guide rail engineering. The SWS Seceuroglide offers you the choice of addition ‘Vision Slats’ to aloow natural light in, “Vented Slats” for improved air circulation as well as a “Remote Control Keypad” to […]

Hormann LPU42, M-Ribbed, Sectional Garage Door in a Rosewood Decograin

A Hormann LPU42 M Ribbed Sectional Garage Door finished in a Rosewood Decograin. The LPU42 Sectional Garage Door provides good security, great insulation and quiet operation due to its 42mm thick sections. Available in Woodgrain (15 Colours Available), Sandygrain (3 Colours Available), Silkgrain (15 Colours Available) and Decograin (6 Decors Available), creating a unique, matching appearance is […]

Hormann LPU42, L-Ribbed, Sectional Garage Door in White Silkgrain

A Hormann LPU42 L-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door, finished in White Silkgrain. The LPU42 features an award-winning design and boasts a thermal insulation improvement of up to 15%! With 6 different finishes with up to 15 unique colours, we can match the aesthetic of your property to promote a seamless appearance. Automation is also an option for your […]

Marklilux 1300 Open Awning with a Vibra Box Auto Retract

A Marklilux 1300 Open Awning, fully automated with a Vibra Box Auto Retract Safety Sensor! It was installed by our Watford Branch on the local village shop of Weston-On-Green. For a range of awnings, blinds & pergolas, please visit www.accessgaragedoors.com/sunpatio-awnings/ or call 0800 716 569 so we can help you prepare for the summer!

Fort, Vertically Ribbed, Side-Hinged Garage Doors Conversion

From old to gold, our Sidcup fitters recently converted this old, side-hinged single door into 2! Featuring 2 x single Fort vertically ribbed, side-hinged garage doors finished in white gave this garage a fresh new look. The Fort V-Ribbed, Side-Hinged Garage Door features a 50/50 or 1/3:2/3 opening, available up to 14’0″ wide. Alongside this, […]

Hormann LPU42, T-Ribbed, Sectional Garage Door

A Hormann LPU42 T-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door, which offers great insulation alongside stability and quiet operation. They are also available with a flush fitting fascia panel, to create the “most elegant solution for an invisible transition between the panel and door leaf”. Alongside this, a Hormann ThermoFrame can be added to improve the “already high” insulation values, it is […]

Garador Beaumont Steel Canopy Garage Door in Anthracite

A Garador Beaumont Steel Canopy Garage Door, available in 18 colours, the Garador Beaumont is manufactured from high grade galvanised steel with a rivet-free panel. Alongside all this, additional lock kits can be purchased to add 2 more lock points. Available with both Retractable & Canopy Gear up to 8’0″, learn about the differences between each. This particular installation was fitted […]

Hormann LPU42 Double Sectional Garage Door in Carmine Red

A Hormann LPU42 S Ribbed, Double Sectional Garage Door. Finished in a RAL3004 Carmine Red with a 120mm fascia, white PVC clad frame legs. The LPU42 features great thermal insulation properties, which can be partnered with their ThermoFrame to provide an additional increase of up to 15% on top of the garage doors improvement. This installation is automated by a Hormann Supramatic operator with a black, […]

Wessex Loxwood GRP Garage Door in Anthracite Woodgrain

A Wessex Loxwood, 50:50 Side Hinged, GRP Garage Door. These doors will not rust or corrode due to their GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) build. They have a better strength:weight ratio when compared to steel and is naturally an insulating material. Based in Birmingham, Wessex have provided “maintenance free” garage doors since 1974! With this garage door finished in […]

2 x SWS Elite Sectional Garage Doors in Volcanic Ash

2 x SWS Elite, Sectional Garage Doors, finished in a special RAL, ‘Volcanic Ash’. Featuring an un-ribbed design & automated by 2 x Hormann Promatic Operators all installed by our Croydon Branch. The SWS Elite is “unique; made to measure” to ensure a “perfect fit”. With a range of accessories available to add, accommodating your wishes […]

Hormann LPU42 L Ribbed, Sectional Garage Door in White Silkgrain

A Hormann LPU42 Sectional Garage Door, with Insulated door panels in White Silkgrain. Boasting impressive thermal insulating properties, the LPU42 also provides excellent security. This all come available in Woodgrain (15 Colours Available), Sandygrain (3 Colours Available), Silkgrain (15 Colours Available) and Decograin (6 Decors Available), your garage door is guaranteed to be original! This installation features […]

Hormann Vertical Decograin, Retractable Garage Doors in Golden Oak

2 x 7×7 Hormann Vertical Decograin, Retractable Garage Doors in Golden Oak. The Hormann Series 2000 doors come galvanised with a high-quality polyester power-coating, protecting them against adverse weather conditions and corrosion. This ensures its longterm beauty. Available in a choice of many colours or Rosewood & Golden Oak Decograin there is plenty of choices. This was fitted […]

Hormann LPU42 Sectional, Insulated, S-Panel Garage Door in Golden Oak

A Hormann LPU42 Sectional, Insulated S-Panel Garage Door in Golden Oak, Georgian design. It features new timber framework clad in golden oak UPVC whilst being operated by a Hormann Promatic Operator. The LPU42 can be double skinned to offer great thermal insulation with its 42mm thick sections. It has 7 different finished with the availability of […]

Hormann LTH Sectional Garage Door in Nordic Pine

A Hormann LTH Sectional Garage Door, being solid timber offer excellent insulation properties however it excels in customisation. A simple drawn design can be milled onto your door through Hormann’s CAD-aided process. If this isn’t your style, there are many different accents and designs to choose from so you’re able to have a unique, original […]

Cardale Hambledon II GRP Canopy Garage Door in Dark Oak

A Cardale Hambledon II GRP Canopy Up & Over Garage Door finished in dark oak with euro locking & a black handle. Our Croydon Branch fitted a new timber frame for the customer to stain in their preferred finish. Known as being “no-nonsense”, Cardale doors can be supplied with Canopy or Retractable gear (which you […]

The rise in insulated garage doors

Insulated garage doors have continued to rise in popularity over the last 10 years, with our surveyors being asked more about insulated doors. More readily available: More garage door companies are making insulated garage doors readily available; with more featuring either a double skinned steel or aluminium panel design. The insulation not only provides its […]

Composite Front Doors

New Composite Entrance Doors from Sliders UK & Rockdoor Composite Entrance Doors – High-performance external doors.  By choosing a modern, composite door you can benefit from a wide variety of styles, sizes, colours, glazing and fixtures along with high-security multi-point locking systems as standard. Personalising your composite exterior door doesn’t end with the style, colour and […]

5 Reasons to choose a timber internal door from Hormann

5 Reasons to choose a timber internal door from Hormann Discover a new feeling of home with high-quality timber internal doors from Hormann. Our home is the centre of our life, our safe haven, our oasis of well-being. Hormann’s high-quality timber internal doors contribute to this and provide your home with that extra cosy feeling. […]

Garage door repairs in time for winter

A sticky or noisy garage door may not seem like a big deal in the summer, but as the days get colder and winter starts to settle in, your garage door can become a much bigger issue. There is nothing worse than trying to get to work on a cold winter morning, only to discover that […]

Top tips on looking after your garage door

Garage door maintenance tips Modern garage doors are extremely well made and are designed to help protect your car – and everything else you keep in the garage – in terms of both security, as well as protection from the weather. Looking after your garage door is therefore an essential task to add to your […]

Why you shouldn’t do garage door repairs yourself

There are plenty of do-it-yourself jobs you can handle around your home, but garage door repair shouldn’t be on that list. Garage doors can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly because:  Garage doors can’t really be handled by one person on their own, so many repair jobs will require two or more men to […]

Insulated garage doors on the rise

Insulated garage doors have continued to rise in popularity over the years. Our garage door fitters have looked at reasons why their popularity has increased, explaining why people are buying them more. Insulated garage doors are more readily available: More garage door manufacturers are making insulated garage doors readily available; with many more featuring either […]

Protecting Your Garage Door

Winter is approaching fast, your garage door can take a lot of damage during this period, so you should protect your garage from the low temperatures of winter and in the long terms save yourself money. Anything that you store in a garage can be effected by the cold, whether it be your car or […]

Introducing our NEW range of aluminium Bifold and Sliding doors

Bifold doors offer the perfect house to garden solution for many home owners. They really do open up a property and let the light flood in. When opened, door sashes can be stacked back against a wall or into space that is not used. Our sliding doors can be supplied with a much bigger glass […]

KAT UK Bifold Doors and Sliding Doors

Access Garage Doors now offer beautiful bifold and sliding doors Despite some pretty dismal summers and utterly freezing winters, here in the UK we seem ever optimistic about the weather, determined to do everything we can to ‘bring the outside in’ — and what better way to take advantage of any rare glimpses of sunny […]


HORMANN GARAGE DOORS, FRONT DOORS & MORE… Great weekend at Homebuilding & Renovating at Excel. It was great to see you and discuss your garage door requirements! If you want to know more about our products or to book your free survey visit www.accessgaragedoors.com Don’t forget we offer a FREE no obligation survey too! If you want to […]

 Choosing a New Garage Door

Top Tips: Consider the Material The material your door is made from is an important consideration, as this can affect the thermal efficiency, the look and the level of upkeep your garage will need. Canopy and retractable doors are commonly available in steel and timber versions, with a variety of designs available in each material – […]

Surrey Homebuilding and Renovating Show

Garador Garage Doors, Front Doors & more... We exhibited at Surrey Homebuilding and Renovating Show over the weekend . A great opportunity to meet our customers and discuss all things garage doors. Don't forget we offer a FREE no obligation survey too! If you want to discuss your requirements in more details, please contact us on 0800 716 569 Call [...]

Markilux Awnings

Markilux awnings are designed to be timeless. Trendy and classic lines united in the perfect products for your home. With summer arriving, now is the perfect time to speak to Access about our range of awnings for your home. Awnings for patio and balcony The definition of the perfect awning is basically simple: location and personal […]

Tips for buying garage doors

It’s often hard to know where to start when looking for a new garage door to replace an old one or for a renovation. Whether you want a new door for style, security or convenience Access Garage Doors offer a wide range of door types and finishes. Here are our tips to ensuring you get the right […]

Tips for choosing the right colour Garage Door

What’s my garage door shade? It’s hard to go wrong with a white garage door as it fits with the majority of house styles and areas, but if you have a more traditional or architecturally styled home you may wish to have a more of a statement garage door. Here are some helpful tips on […]

Secured by design

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’ by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a wide range of products and applications. Only products which have been tested and meet the required technical standard can be awarded the Police Preferred Specification. Research has indicated […]

Garador Guardian Range

The UK’s first range of Up & Over garage doors to meet the Secured by Design accreditation. The Guardian Range of doors have been engineered to offer even greater security to meet STS202. (STS202 is a security technical specification that addresses attempts at manual burglary.) Currently available in two designs with either Retractable or Canopy […]

Insulated Garage Doors – Save energy and money!

Insulated garage doors make a lot of sense in a time when we’re all preoccupied with ways to save energy and money. More and more people are utilising their garage space as an addition room to the house and this means ensuring the space is properly insulated. The increase in requests and sales of insulated […]

Advice about Garage Door Repairs

On most garage door repairs are best left to the experts at Access Garage Doors, but some minor problems you can fix yourself with the use of garage door spares Due to the many moving parts operating on a daily basis, wear and tear on garage doors is inevitable, and while major components such as […]

Rundum Meir Sliding Garage Doors

Rundum Meir Sliding Garage Doors – 40 years in the making Rundum Meir have 40 years experience in making bespoke, sliding garage doors to order. The wide range of materials they use in the construction of their garage doors, which include aluminium, insulated steel and a variety of timbers, such as oak, are ideal for […]

Garage Door Floor Seal

Weather Defender Garage Door Floor Seal Garage Door Floor Seal Features: The Weather Defender floor seal is designed to protect your garage from leaves, dust, debris, rodents and rain by creating a seal between the garage door and floor. Made from 100% recyclable premium marine grade PVC UV stabilised Easy tear off front lip for […]

5 common problems with Garage Doors

5 common problems with Garage Doors Your garage is supposed to prevent trouble by keeping your car safe from the elements but sometimes garages have problems of their own. Garage doors won’t open, refuses to lock or is aged and warped. Here’s how to solve garage door predicaments with our Garage Door repair tips; The […]


DOUBLE GARAGE CONVERSIONS Do you have a double garage that has two single doors? Are you finding it a squeeze to park your car in the garage? We can help! Here at Access Garage doors we have the facilities to transform your garage into a double garage with a double-width door. By removing the centre […]

Make your garage more energy efficient

7 tips on making your garage more energy efficient Your garage is an important part of your house and generally takes up 30% of your home. We are always looking for ways to save you money. Here are our tips for improving your garage and lowering your energy bills. 1. Insulate your garage door: A […]

Sliding Garage Doors

Round The Corner Sliding Garage Doors Side Sliding Garage Doors – The door for special fitting situations and requirements. Round-the-corner garage doors are made to measure and are available in timber and aluminium. They can be automated or manually operated and are suitable for large openings and curved buildings. Round-the Corner doors are ideal for […]

Painting Worn Garage Doors

HOW TO – Paint Worn Garage Doors You’ll need to source a good quality garage door paint for all round protection against any weather condition. It’s also recommended to prime the door first for best results.  Some garage door paints include added protection against mould growth and paint film too. Bare in mind the garage […]

Automating your old garage door

Own An Old-Style 90’s Garage Door? Do you have an older-style – early 90’s Automated Garage Door? Over the years the automation of garage doors has evolved significantly. It is advisable to consider upgrading for security and energy reasons. Automation is much cheaper, safer and more secure these days. In fact automated garage doors are […]

Garage Door Types

Choosing the right garage door for your home Selecting a new garage door for your property is a big decision. Garage doors offer the opportunity to add value to your property in addition to improving the look and efficiently. If you’re looking for a new garage door as your current on needs replacing due to […]

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