Hormann LPU42 T-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door

Hormann LPU42 T-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door

Hormann LPU42 T-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door, which offers great insulation alongside stability and quiet operation. Finished in an Anthracite Silkgrain, it was installed by our Watford Branch. If you need repairs made to your current door, or would like to upgrade, get in touch! Visit www.accessaragedoors.com or call 0800 716 569 to find out more.

Garador Beaumont Steel Canopy Garage Door

Garador Beaumont Steel Canopy Garage Door

Garador Beaumont Steel Canopy Garage Door, finished in Anthracite RAL7016 with standard crystal glazing & a chrome effect handle. It was fitted alongside a matching frame behind the opening in Northwood by our Watford Branch. With a range of not only Up & Over Garage Doors, but also Sectional to Roller Garage Doors, we have you covered! Please visit www.accessgaragedoors.com or call 0800 716 569 to find your perfect garage door.

Hormann LPU42 S Ribbed, Double Sectional Garage Door

Hormann LPU42 S Ribbed, Double Sectional Garage Door

Hormann LPU42 S Ribbed, Double Sectional Garage Door. Finished in a RAL3004 Carmine Red with a 120mm fascia, white PVC clad frame legs and is automated by a Hormann Supramatic operator with a black, manual release handle. It was installed by our Watford branch in Hendon. We have a range of operators & doors to suit your automated garage door dreams. Please call 0800 716 569 or visit www.accessgaragedoors.com

SWS Elite, Sectional Garage Doors

SWS Elite, Sectional Garage Doors

2 x SWS Elite, Sectional Garage Doors, finished in a special RAL, ‘Volcanic Ash’. Featuring an un-ribbed design & automated by 2 x Hormann Promatic Operators all installed by our Croydon Branch. If your garage door needs a repair, or you’re interested in automating it, please find out more, book a free survey or call 0800 716 569 

Hormann LPU42 Sectional Garage Door

Hormann LPU42 Sectional Garage Door

Hormann LPU42 Sectional Garage Door, with Insulated door panels in white silkgrain. Featuring an L Ribbed Design without an external handle thanks to its Hormann Supramatic Operator installed by our Croydon Branch. If you need a repair or replacement Front, Side or Garage Door? Please find out more or book a free survey.

Hormann LPU42 Sectional, Insulated S-Panel Garage Door

Hormann LPU42 Sectional, Insulated S-Panel Garage Door

A Hormann LPU42 Sectional, Insulated S-Panel Garage Door in a golden oak, Georgian design. It features new timber framework clad in golden oak UPVC whilst being operated by a Hormann Promatic Operator. It was neatly fitted by our Croydon Branch. If you’re in need of the new garage door, be it automated or manual, please book a free survey or to find out more, click here!

Hormann LTH Sectional Garage Door

Hormann LTH Sectional Garage Door

A Hormann LTH Sectional Garage Door with a Nordic Pine finish, coupled with a Hormann Supramatic E Operator, installed by our New Malden Branch. We are able to upgrade your old garage door with a garage door opener or help you choose a new garage door. Please call 0800 716 569 to get in touch or book a free survey to find out your options.

Cardale Hambledon II GRP Canopy Garage Door

Cardale Hambledon II GRP Canopy Garage Door

A Cardale Hambledon II GRP Canopy Up & Over Garage Door finished in dark oak with euro locking & a black handle. Our Croydon Branch fitted a new timber frame for the customer to stain in their preferred finish. We stock various standard sized garage doors in a multitude of styles as well as ex-display, cancelled orders, second grade and slightly damaged garage doors, all with huge savings!   If your door or frame needs replacement, book a free survey or call 0800 716 569.

The rise in insulated garage doors

Insulated garage doors have continued to rise in popularity over the last 10 years, with our surveyors being asked more about insulated doors.

More readily available:

More garage door companies are making insulated garage doors readily available; with more featuring either a double skinned steel or aluminium panel design. The insulation not only provides its primary purpose but also adds strength to the door which in turn provides great stability. Consequently, this allows for larger sized garage doors to be produced without deflection. Our customer love the Hörmann sectional LPU garage door and we believe its one of the best insulated garage doors on the market.

Adaptability for garage conversions:

More and more families have considered converting their garage in recent years too which has, in turn, meant more families have looked at a way of insulating their garage door to prevent heat loss. Although some think of taking their door out, ones that still want their home to look like it features a garage often choose the very best insulated garage doors for best results.

Climate changes:

Believe it or not but the weather in Yorkshire is actually getting more extreme. The summers are getting warmer the winters are considerably cooler. To ensure the weather does not cause problems for items inside, insulated garage door provide a greater seal against rain water and weather elements, especially compared against a traditional older style up and over garage door.

Such has been the increase in demand, companies like Hörmann have been technologically advancing their insulated garage doors as well, to help provide an even greater product. If you are looking at adding a new garage door to your home, insulated garage doors are also very competitive in price, so you could get great energy-saving benefits as well. Contact us to discuss your requirements on 0800 716 569 or visit one of our showrooms to talk directly with one of our garage door experts and see some working models on display in action.

Composite Front Doors

New Composite Entrance Doors from Sliders UK & Rockdoor

Composite Entrance Doors – High-performance external doors.  By choosing a modern, composite door you can benefit from a wide variety of styles, sizes, colours, glazing and fixtures along with high-security multi-point locking systems as standard.

Hormann ThermoComp front doors

Personalising your composite exterior door doesn’t end with the style, colour and finish. There is an extensive range of high-quality accessories to choose from to suit the overall look of the home. The corrosion resistant handles, letter plates, knockers, numerals and eye viewers have been manufactured to an extremely high standard of performance.  Design the door exactly the way you want it – You can choose between various colours and decors as well as glazings.

Traditional range
Whether you live on a Victorian terrace or a modern development, your home is as individual as you are and deserves a facade that makes a unique statement. By choosing a modern, composite door you can benefit from a wide variety of styles, sizes, colours, glazing and fixtures. Exploring the available options gives you fresh ideas and ensures that you arrive at a front door that is highly personalised and a complete reflection of your tastes.

Cottage Range
Character properties are perennially popular among home buyers who are looking for a piece of history. These period houses usually offer several original features which their owners seek to preserve. Even when looking to renovate or improve these homes, attention to detail is key, so modern fixtures with heritage overtones are the ideal solution.

Contemporary Range
There has been a significant number of new homes built over the last 50 years. Often, these more modern houses need doors and windows that are in keeping with the surrounding architecture. There is an increasing number of exciting, contemporary doors and other fixtures available to homeowners looking to give their post-war house a clean, fresh look. These ultra new door styles provide instant sophistication to a home.


5 Reasons to choose a timber internal door from Hormann

5 Reasons to choose a timber internal door from Hormann

Discover a new feeling of home with high-quality timber internal doors from Hormann. Our home is the centre of our life, our safe haven, our oasis of well-being. Hormann’s high-quality timber internal doors contribute to this and provide your home with that extra cosy feeling. Here are our 5 reasons to choose a timber internal door from Hormann:


1. Door leaf and frame versions

  • High-quality door leaf: Available with four different door leaf inserts – from a simple honeycomb insert up to a high-quality solid chipboard.
  • Sturdy timber frame: Consists of an extra sturdy 25-mm-thick jamb lining. Particularly robust MDF boards give the decorative edges and rebate cladding a smooth surface.
  • Robust steel frame: An alternative to the timber frame: the robust steel frame. Thanks to a special final coating, the colour surface is particularly resistant.

2. Extremely impact resistant: Duradecor surface

  • The high-quality surface will delight you: Duradecor captivates due to features such as heat resistance, robustness and impact resistance, which combine to ensure a long service life.

3. See and touch: Duradecor texture

  • The finely textured surfaces allow you to feel what you see. A wood grain texture is embossed into the door leaf, making the characteristic wood structure of the Duradecor texture surface tangible. In the synchronous texture, the wood grain matches the printed surface finish exactly:

4. High-class and smooth: painted surface finishes

  • Timber internal doors with white painted surfaces have an especially classic and high-quality effect. The Hörmann paint coating on a white base plate ensures a uniform surface with a rich, vibrant colour.

5. All natural: real wood veneer

  • Hörmann real wood veneers are produced from high-quality real timber and are truly unique. An environmentally-friendly protective paint ensures that you can enjoy your real wood door for a long time.

If you’re looking to create a new space in your home contact the team today for information and prices on our new Hormann internal door range.

Garage door repairs in time for winter

A sticky or noisy garage door may not seem like a big deal in the summer, but as the days get colder and winter starts to settle in, your garage door can become a much bigger issue. There is nothing worse than trying to get to work on a cold winter morning, only to discover that your garage door has decided to stop working. Or worse you get home, it’s raining and the door won’t open! If you’ve noticed your garage door acting a little off recently, now is the time to call our garage door repair team.

Access Garage Doors can come out to your home and perform a thorough check on your garage door. If there are issues, we’ll quickly identify the underlying problem and get to work fixing it right away. We’re an experienced team here at Access having serviced and repaired thousands of garage doors, so we’re able to resolve and fix most issues in our first visit, which mean you’ll have an operating garage door that reliable opens and closes all winter long, whenever you need it. Give us a call today at 0800 716 569 for free friendly advice about your garage door repairs!

Top tips on looking after your garage door

Garage door maintenance tipsgarage-door-install
Modern garage doors are extremely well made and are designed to help protect your car – and everything else you keep in the garage – in terms of both security, as well as protection from the weather. Looking after your garage door is therefore an essential task to add to your household checklist. This task doesn’t need to take long, but if you do it regularly enough, you could save yourself a lot of time and frustration in the future by preventing things going wrong.

Here are the Access Garage Door top tips on looking after your garage door.

Before you start

  • Tell everyone in your household that you’ll be checking the garage door. You can avoid a possible injury if they know not to open or close the door whilst you’re inspecting it.
  • Read all the labels on the liquids and lubricants that you’re planning to use to make 100% sure they’re the right ones for the job. Getting it wrong could end up in permanent damage to your door.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Ideally, twice a year, or every 2,000 door cycles, treat the springs, spindles, tracks, hinges and latches with a squirt of WD-40 (other multi-use spray lubricants are also available). However, be really careful not to allow any to drip onto the face of the door.
  • Do not oil the track runners, but do keep them clean and free of obstacles.
  • If the rollers or hinges become stuck because of rust, try dabbing a bit of paraffin on them and rub it off with a soft cloth.
  • Clean your door with a washing up liquid solution. It’s important to always use a soft cloth or sponge, never use anything abrasive because it will permanently damage the surface.
  • Keep the door clear of caustic or acidic substances on the door – bird droppings are a particular problem because of their acidity.
  • If you live on the coast, clean the salt off the door on a regular basis in order to prevent corrosion.
  • If you garage door is made from wood, inspect the paintwork or varnish to make sure it’s properly weatherproof.

These top tips will ensure your garage doors remain in a good condition for a long time. Contact the team for more information on 0800 716 569

Why you shouldn’t do garage door repairs yourself

There are plenty of do-it-yourself jobs you can handle around your home, but garage door repair shouldn’t be on that list. Garage doors can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly because:Garage door repairs

  •  Garage doors can’t really be handled by one person on their own, so many repair jobs will require two or more men to handle the door.
  • Not only will you need more than one person to move a stuck door, the weight of the garage door can cause serious injuries if not handled correctly.
  • Your garage door might seem like a simple mechanism, but they are actually quite complex. Parts like the springs and hinges can cause injuries while you are trying to repair your door if you don’t know what you are doing.

Even seemingly easy jobs can create major issues for homeowners. Additionally, if repairs aren’t completed correctly the first time, it can cause bigger more expensive issues in the future. The best thing to do is have all of your garage door repair done by a member of our expert team.

Access Garage Doors offers garage door repair that’s reliable, affordable, and fast. We know that you rely on your garage door, so we don’t make you wait for the repairs to be done. Give us a call today at 0800 716 569 for free friendly advice about your garage door repairs!

Insulated garage doors on the rise

Insulated garage doors have continued to rise in popularity over the years. Our garage door fitters have looked at reasons why their popularity has increased, explaining why people are buying them more.

Alutech Sectional Garage Door L-Ribbed

Alutech Sectional L-ribbed

Insulated garage doors are more readily available:

More garage door manufacturers are making insulated garage doors readily available; with many more featuring either a double skinned steel or aluminium panel design. The insulation not only provides its primary purpose but also adds strength to the door which in turn provides great stability, see our range of Hormann and Alutech sectional garage doors as a market leading example.

Great for double door garage conversions:

With more families considering converting their garage in recent years, in turn, meant more families have looked at a way of insulating their garage door to prevent heat loss. Although some think of taking their door out, ones that still want their home to look like it features a garage often choose the very best insulated garage doors for best results.

Climate change is affecting your garage door:

With the summers getting warmer and the winters are considerably cooler, insulated garage doors aid both scenarios, keeping your garage cool in the summer and warm in winter. Insulated garage doors provide a greater seal against rain water and other items, especially compared against a traditional older style up and over garage door.

Such has been the increase in demand, companies like Hormann have been technologically advancing their insulated garage doors as well, to help provide an even greater product. If you are looking at adding a new garage door to your home, insulated garage doors are also very competitive in price, so you could get great energy-saving benefits as well.


Protecting Your Garage Door

Winter is approaching fast, your garage door can take a lot of damage during this period, so you should protect your garage from the low temperatures of winter and in the long terms save yourself money.


Anything that you store in a garage can be effected by the cold, whether it be your car or any belongings that you may be storing. There are many ways to keep your garage insulated but the main thing to consider is your garage door.

The majority of modern garage doors, especially sectional doors, are well insulated and are good at keeping the heat in. However, extra insulation will ensure your garage stays secure and safe throughout the winter. Try our draught excluder and Weather Defender for keeping draughts and dirt out of your garage.

Most importantly check your garage door. Old garage doors can get worn and produce cracks that allow air through, but they can also warp in the wet weather. If you see a problem then contact us for free friendly advice as you may require a garage door.

If you know your garage door is old and could do with a touch-up, call our experts out to have a look. The last thing your garage needs is heavy weather such as snow or heavy rain causing, even more, damage, which could result  in you have to spend additional money replacing it.

Access Garage Doors have over 40 years’ experience in fitting, maintaining and repairing garage doors and we’d be happy to help if you have any enquiries.

Introducing our NEW range of aluminium Bifold and Sliding doors

Bifold doors offer the perfect house to garden solution for many home owners. They really do open up a property and let the light flood in. When opened, door sashes can be stacked back against a wall or into space that is not used.

bifold DoorsOur sliding doors can be supplied with a much bigger glass area than other alternatives. If you have a great view and a wide enough door space, a sliding patio door is an ideal solution.

If you’re looking to add character and open space to your property patio doors could be the perfect solution. Contact the team for more information and to book your free survey.

KAT Aluminium bifold doors are made to bespoke sizes to suit your project and are available in seven colours from stock, including dual colours. Our door handles are designed exclusively by KAT and are made from stainless steel in a choice of six different finishes.

The KAT aluminium sliding patio door system is perfect for smaller openings up to 5 metres wide and feature slim sight lines with very good security. These inline sliders are ideal for applications where it is desirable not to open in or out of a room.

Contact us for more information >

KAT UK Bifold Doors and Sliding Doors

Access Garage Doors now offer beautiful bifold and sliding doors

Despite some pretty dismal summers and utterly freezing winters, here in the UK we seem ever optimistic about the weather, determined to do everything we can to ‘bring the outside in’ — and what better way to take advantage of any rare glimpses of sunny weather than with doors that allow you to open up an entire section of your home to the outdoors.

Bi-fold doors are becoming hugely popular and are taking over from sliding doors and conventional patio doors in new build houses and residential extensions. But are bi-fold doors the right choice for you? Maybe sliding doors will suit your needs better, or could the traditional patio door be your ideal solution.


There is no denying bi-folding doors come out on top with regards to creating space. Whilst a normal residential sliding door can open, there is always a fixed section which you can do little about. You could go down the route of a more commercial or architectural sliding patio door which has the extra runners to allow the normally fixed section to slide away, allowing for the full opening to be used. But that is a much more expensive option. A bi-folding door can easily achieve a full opening, be it two metres wide or six.


However, sliding patio doors can look incredibly stylish. Say you have a five metre wide opening facing onto your garden with views that go on for miles. Do you want to have a five section bi-fold, with four uprights spoiling that view? Probably not. But with the higher end aluminium sliding doors you could fit a quite visually impressive two section door, giving you maximum glass, almost uninterrupted views and still a big opening space with it.

So if you’re looking to create a new space in your home contact the team today for information and prices on our Bifold and Sliding aluminium door range – www.accessgaragedoors.com or call 0800 716 569.



Great weekend at Homebuilding & Renovating at Excel. It was great to see you and discuss your garage door requirements! If you want to know more about our products or to book your free survey visit www.accessgaragedoors.com

Don’t forget we offer a FREE no obligation survey too!

If you want to discuss your requirements in more details, please contact us on 0800 716 569 








 Choosing a New Garage Door

Top Tips: Consider the Material

The material your door is made from is an important consideration, as this can affect the thermal efficiency, the look and the level of upkeep your garage will need. Canopy and retractable doors are commonly available in steel and timber versions, with a variety of designs available in each material – from simple, plain styles with sleek lines to grander, more traditional versions, you’re sure to find something that suits you.

Rollmatic Hormann

Roller doors are restricted by their very design, as the door needs to roll up around itself when open. This means that all roller doors have narrow, horizontal ‘slats’ rather than larger plain spaces or raised panels. These slats are made from twin-walled aluminium with an insulated core, which will effortlessly keep your garage at a comfortable temperature, whether the temperature outside is scorching hot or freezing cold. With plenty of colours to choose from, as well as wood-grain finishes, they can be a surprisingly versatile door choice.

Sectional Garage Door

Sectional garage doors are made from steel with an insulated centre, much like the roller doors mentioned above, and are becoming extremely popular in the UK. They offer excellent thermal efficiency and are great for keeping your garage at a pleasant temperature during hot or cold weather. Sectional doors are also available in a variety of colours, as well as modern metallic finishes and timber-look textured finishes, by far the most versatile of our door range. For more information contact the team on 0800 716 569.

Surrey Homebuilding and Renovating Show

Garador Garage Doors, Front Doors & more…

We exhibited at Surrey Homebuilding and Renovating Show over the weekend . A great opportunity to meet our customers and discuss all things garage doors.

Surrey Homebuilding and Renovating Show

Don’t forget we offer a FREE no obligation survey too!

If you want to discuss your requirements in more details, please contact us on 0800 716 569

Surrey Homebuilding and Renovating ShowSurrey Homebuilding and Renovating Show

Surrey Homebuilding and Renovating Show banner

Call 0800 716 569 for more information on our garage doors

Markilux Awnings

Full Cassette Markilux 990 awningMarkilux awnings are designed to be timeless. Trendy and classic lines united in the perfect products for your home. With summer arriving, now is the perfect time to speak to Access about our range of awnings for your home.

Awnings for patio and balcony

The definition of the perfect awning is basically simple: location and personal taste are the two determining factors. In general, there are cassette awnings, semi-cassette-awnings, open style awnings and side screens to choose from. For the creation of additional room outside, Markilux offers special large scale awning systems, which you can find out more about on Access Awnings.

  • Directing the sun
  • Setting light
  • Fading out rain

Awnings by Markilux create open space in your garden that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Using the highest quality material and offering a range of uses; they are extremely weather resistant, robust, and versatile. A Markilux awning is the perfect addition to your home. The manufacturing quality is unique; the installation is exclusively handled by specialist partners. Those who own a Markilux will always enjoy it as see life outside in totally new dimensions.

Conservatory awnings by MarkiluxConservatory awnings by Markilux

The intelligent climate controls for the home and for the environment. Markilux window awnings, temper, cool, keep heat, protect and they make any climate perfect – with a minimum of effort. Intelligent technology and outstanding aesthetics included. Sunlight all year round is the most important factor that turns an enjoyable room into a favourite one. The classic conservatory, the glass-covered veranda, loggia or pergola: Markilux conservatory awnings regulate the light influx that brightens your winter and cools your summer.

Whether fitted internally or externally, the area of glass is large or small, or the roof is hipped or asymmetrical – the versatility and outstanding quality of the Markilux range of products are evident in the case of conservatory awnings as well.

Tips for buying garage doors

It’s often hard to know where to start when looking for a new garage door to replace an old one or for a renovation. Whether you want a new door for style, security or convenience Access Garage Doors offer a wide range of door types and finishes. Here are our tips to ensuring you get the right garage door for you.

Primarily designed to store your car, most garages end up being a store room for tools and other items that don’t have a place in your home, but you may need one day. Your new garage door must keep things safe and secure as well as adding style to your house it can also add value!

Types of garage doors

Up and over garage doorsYour property may influence the style of door that you choose as older properties may suit a more traditional look such as Timber garage doors. However if you are after something more contemporary, an aluminium or fibreglass door may be a better choice for you. Remember your garage doors is built and installed to last, so make sure you choose the right one for your lifestyle. To help you choose the right garage door, here’s what you can expect from each finish of door:


Steel garage doors provide security as well as being corrosion resistant as they are manufactured from premium grade galvanised steel. Access garage doors offer a range of finishes; primed doors offer the ability to paint your garage doors any colour you wish or can be installed as plastisol coated steel with low maintenance colour options white, black and brown. Weather gain is an affordable way to get to look of a timber door and woodgrain laminate finishes are available in golden oak and rosewood.

Timber doors

Side-mounted timber doors look elegant, but it’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll need quite a bit of clearance in front so they can open fully. Timber garage doors are also available with other door mechanisms and come in a variety of different timbers including softwood. Mahogany, cedar wood and oak.


Rundum Meir Overhead Sectional Timber Garage Door


Enhance your property with ever popular fibreglass garage doors. Fibreglass offers superb detail, with low maintenance high gloss white and timber grain effect finishes. In addition to their moisture resistance they also don’t warp or change in weather conditions

Insulated ABS

Impact resistant white ABS (Acrylonitrate Butadiene Styrene) is the perfect match to complement white PVCu windows and doors and is virtually maintenance free. The material itself is very forgiving against knocks from car bumps and footballs due to its flexibility.

Aluminium Framed retractable doors

Made from durable powder-coated steel or ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic), these doors also require a good deal of clearance in front when you open them. You can operate them with a remote control (although this is sold separately). But they do come with a 70mm frame, handle and lock.

SeceuroGlide Roller Garage DInsulated sectional doors


Insulated sectional doors are ideal if you’re strapped for space, as you won’t need any clearance at the front to open them. As the powder-coated steel comes fully sealed, they’ll give you plenty of protection against theft, noise and cold. They come with a 90mm frame, handle and lock. They’re also compatible with a remote control (which is available separately).


Insulated roller doors

These doors are made from tough but flexible aluminium, their slim individual slats roll up very tightly. The result? More room to spare inside your garage as well as in front of it. Like insulated sectional doors, they give you lots of protection against break-ins, noise and the elements. They come with a 90mm frame, handle and lock, too. But an advantage of these doors is that they come with a remote control as standard.

Tips for choosing the right colour Garage Door

What’s my garage door shade?

It’s hard to go wrong with a white garage door as it fits with the majority of house styles and areas, but if you have a more traditional or architecturally styled home you may wish to have a more of a statement garage door. Here are some helpful tips on choosing the right colour for you style and home.

Red garage doors

Material type

The material that you choose for you garage door will, of course, affect the options and colours that are available to you. With manufactured doors there are limitations to the colour options within the catalogue, however, there are generally options available to you, just be sure to ask a representative when you book your survey.  Although steel garage doors are can be easily painted, is not always recommended as the standard finish is very durable. Wooden doors offer much more versatility as you can mix paint to any shade you what, along with a wide range of wood stains also being available on a huge variety of tones

Complementary colours

We advise not to match your garage door colour with your houses façade as you run the risk of it blending in and not being the statement piece it deserves to be. Instead of matching your garage door to your home, try to compliment them. If you have stone or brick, then natural variations of materials work fine if you find a tone that suites your home – Although we do love bold coloured statement garage doors!

Colour swatch test

Visualising what your garage door will look like in its new shade can be hard, so we recommend creating a sample using spare wood from the garage. Paint or stain your sample and lean it against the garage door throughout the day so you can gauge how your new coloured door may look in different stages of daylight.

Access Garage Doors offer a wide range of garage doors from leading manufactures in various style, finishes and colours, you’re sure to find the perfect door for your property. Contact one of our garage door experts about our extensive range of specialist garage doors and finishing option.


Secured by design

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing ouSecurebydesignt crime’ by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a wide range of products and applications.

Only products which have been tested and meet the required technical standard can be awarded the Police Preferred Specification. Research has indicated that Secured by Design usage can reduce burglary by up to 50% and criminal damage by 25%.

Seceuroglide Excel has been awarded the prestigious Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification status by many years of hard work on redesigning and improving an already very good product to a level where the required test by the LPCB was passed with flying colours. Bear in mind 95% of products tested by the LPCB (The Loss Prevention Certification Board) fail!

About Secured by Design

Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) is the title for a group of national police projects focusing on the design and security for new and refurbished homes, commercial premises, and car parks as well as the acknowledgement of quality security products and crime prevention projects. It supports the principles of ‘designing out crime’ through physical security and processes.

Secured by Design works with the industry and test houses to create high-level security standards, responding to trends in crime, and has given input on a number of key standards .The principles of the scheme have been proven to reduce the risk of crime and the fear of crime.

For more information on the secured by design initiative refer to their website www.securedbydesign.com

Garador Guardian Range

The UK’s first range of Up & Over garage doors to meet the Secured by Design accreditation. The Guardian Range of doors have beenGuardian Range engineered to offer even greater security to meet STS202. (STS202 is a security technical specification that addresses attempts at manual burglary.) Currently available in two designs with either Retractable or Canopy gearing options and a choice of 7 standard colours. In addition, Garador can also offer a range of front entrance doors which are also SBD certified.

The new Guardian Range has been engineered to offer even greater security. Both the Craton and Horizon door styles are available within the Guardian Range and can be supplied with either canopy or retractable gearing options and in any one of the seven standard colours.

Features Include:

Lock Body Protection – A reinforcing plate has been added to the lock body to prevent attacks against the locking mechanism. This new plate protects both the lock body and the central locking rod anchor points.

Improved Lock Security – Additional plates added to the base corners protect the bottom locking points of the door. These plates ensure the bottom latches remain intact even under extreme attack to prevent access.

 4 Point Locking – A 4 point locking system is standard using steel rods operating steel security latches all protected behind braced areas and fed back to a high-security anti snap cylinder lock.

Anti-Snap Cylinder– The standard cylinder has been changed for a new anti-snap version which also incorporates a sacrificial front. The new cylinder is designed to prevent entry even after an attack.

High-Security Bracing – Braces at the back of the door have been increased from 2 as standard to 8 braces for extra protection. The number of spot welds has been increased by more than 70, further securing the door skin.

For more information contact the team on 0800 716 569.

Guardian Lock security

Lock Security

Guardian Anti-Snap Cylinder

Anti-Snap Cylinder

Guardian Bracing


Guardian Lock Body Protection

Lock Body Protection



Insulated Garage Doors – Save energy and money!

Insulated garage doors make a lot of sense in a time when we’re all preoccupied with ways to save energy and money. More and more people are utilising their garage space as an addition room to the house and this means ensuring the space is properly insulated. The increase in requests and sales of insulated garage doors has been growing in the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. Families looking for playroom areas, dads looking for workshops and studSeceuroGlide Rollerents who need a space to be creative are finding the garage can be invaluable. With insulated garage doors, all these things are realistic options for homeowners.

It’s worth remembering garage door drafts have a large impact on heating bill losses of the entire property, that’s why we recommend draught excluders for garage doors to eliminate heat loss. Insulation helps you to save cash and also enables you to use the garage space in smart ways.

There are a large range of insulated garage doors available with different designs and features but they all share one important attribute – they are made to offer a very high level of security, which appeals to a lot of our customers.

SeceuroGlide is the original insulated roller garage door. SeceuroGlide roller shutter garage doors: insulated & made of twin-walled slats. Secured with unique locking roller shutter system. Since its launch as the first insulated roller garage door, SeceuroGlide has maintained its position as market leader through continuous development and innovation, it’s one of the most versatile options on the market.

There are a number of advantages of sectional doors: usability, reliability and safety, good sealing of opening and excellent thermal insulation. Sectional garage doors are the best-insulated doors for a residential type garage doors. With vertically rising style doors split into several sections, they are constructed in 20 or 42mm thick insulated steel panels, offering superb insulation and achieving excellent U values if installed behind the garage aperture.

Georgian PanelsAlutech sandwich panels are 45 mm thick. For the production of the panels, Alutech uses galvanized steel tape 0.4 mm thick with 16 μm zinc coating. The front side of the panel is coated with poly urethane modified by polyamide particles (PUR-PA) 20-25 μm thick. The panel is closed-circuit: the front and inner steel sheets are interconnected at the top and at the bottom of the panel, offering excellent thermal insulation. The new Trend Series of doors are economical and functional doors with a 40 mm thickness with fittings made of galvanized steel, which are optimally suited for regions with temperate and cold climates.

Hormann’s new double leaf, side hinged door brings a traditional style up to date by using the same insulated panels that form Hörmann’s class leading sectional garage doors.

If you want to make your garage as insulated as possible, then look at the double skinned sectional doors with 40-45mm thick panels and make 100% sure the door is fitted completely behind the garage opening. We can provide a range of insulated doors, from roller doors to sectional door or traditional side hinged doors. If you have any garage door problems we can solve them.


Advice about Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repairs aOn most garage door repairs are best left to the experts at Access Garage Doors, but some minor problems you can fix yourself with the use of garage door spares

Due to the many moving parts operating on a daily basis, wear and tear on garage doors is inevitable, and while major components such as automated doors require extensive fixes, you can replace smaller components yourself.

Basic Spare Parts

Usually, the simplest components are also the ones that receive the most amount of stress.

  • Cables – Cables provide support and keep your garage door open or closed. To replace your cables, prop open the garage door and remove the cable while it is still rolled up in its spindle.
  • Springs – Garage door springs provide torsion and act as a counterbalance. We advise replacing both springs at the same time as a pair. To replace your springs, use a winding bar to loosen it. Never attempt to remove it while it is still under tension.
  • Rollers – Rollers keep your garage doors on track. Replacing it is just a matter of removing the track to access the roller. You can then replace it, taking care to realign the new roller with the track.
  • Draught StripsDraught strips provide insulation and save energy. You typically install them at the bottom of the door, using adhesives. They seal up the area and prevent draughts from entering your garage.

Rundum Meir Sliding Garage Doors

Rundum Meir Sliding Garage Doors – 40 years in the making

Rundum Meir - Main

Oak overhead sectional 4.2 m h x 2.6 m w

Rundum Meir have 40 years experience in making bespoke, sliding garage doors to order.

The wide range of materials they use in the construction of their garage doors, which include aluminium, insulated steel and a variety of timbers, such as oak, are ideal for architect-led projects, refurbishment, and conservation of listed and traditional buildings.

Rundum sliding garage doors can be made to fit almost any opening including curved or unusual shapes. And the superb build quality and engineering ensures all custom made garage doors operate very smoothly and quietly. They also have many additional advantages and features such as electric remote automation and insulation.

Both the bespoke wooden and metal doors have numerous options for personalisation to create a wide variety of installations.



Garage Door Floor Seal

Weather Defender Garage Door Floor Seal

Weather Defender Banners Keep your garage clean

Garage Door Floor Seal Features:

The Weather Defender floor seal is designed to protect your garage from leaves, dust, debris, rodents and rain by creating a seal between the garage door and floor.

  • Made from 100% recyclable premium marine grade PVC
  • UV stabilised
  • Easy tear off front lip for doors with a small gap underneath
  • Supplied with an adhesive that can be applied if submersed in water
  • Ridges on the top side to reduce the risk of slipping
  • Top profile designed for roller doors
  • Eye catching yellow safety strip

Suits ALL types of garage doors –

  • Up & Over garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Roller garage doors
  • Side Hinged garage doors

If you want to know more about Weather Defender visit the website or to place your order call the team on 0800 716 569



5 common problems with Garage Doors

5 common problems with Garage Doors

Your garage is supposed to prevent trouble by keeping your car safe from the elements but sometimes garages have problems of their own. Garage doors won’t open, refuses to lock or is aged and warped. Here’s how to solve garage door predicaments with our Garage Door repair tips;

The door is stuck shut

  • This can be the result of a broken cable, bent track or worn springs

The door opens slower than usual

  • This can be caused by a broken spring that needs replacing

The door squeaks as it opens and closes

  • It’s most likely that the rollers and bearings need to be lubricated

Your door won’t close fully – It partly closes before going back up

  • Something is obstructing your automatic opener, preventing the door from closing completely
  • The Cables need replacing
  • The track is bent and needs replacing
  • Or the springs are worn

No matter what you do your door won’t open or close

  • There may be a problem with the keypad or the programming, but first, try replacing the batteries in the remote control if you have an automatic opener.

Some repairs you can make yourself, however, we advise getting an expert who is fully trained and equipped to assist you and make any necessary repairs safely and efficiently. Here at Access Garage Doors we provide a full garage door repair service. Call the team or contact us to arrange a member of our team to advise you and repair your door.

To help prevent garage door problems test that your garage door working, checking the springs, rollers, spindles, cables and track. Wipe down the tracks, preferably with a microfiber cloth to prevent lint from being left behind. Also, make sure to keep all the metal moving parts lubricated. However, do not lubricate plastic parts. If you are having issues with your garage door call our friendly team on 0800 – 716569 who will be able to provide more detailed advice and send a member of our garage door repairs team to assist you.




Do you have a double garage that has two single doors? Are you finding it a squeeze to park your car in the garage? We can help!

Here at Access Garage doors we have the facilities to transform your garage into a double garage with a double-width door. By removing the centre pier and installing an RSJ lintel that spans the distance across the two openings, providing a much wider door. All measured and customised precisely for your requirements.

But what is an RSJ you ask? A reinforced steel joist (RSJ) is a horizontal steel beam used within construction, also referred to as l-beam and h-beam due to its shape. We use an RSJ when converting the two single garages to one double garage.

Before - two single garage doors

Before – Two single garage doors

During - installation of load bearing steel

During – Installation of load bearing steel

After - Installed double sectional garage door

After – Installed double roller garage door


We offer a full double door conversion service, transforming two single doors into one, making it more convenient for you to park your car and creating more space in your garage by removing the central pillar between the two single garages. From as little as £2995.00 + VAT we can provide the following service;

  • Removal and disposal of existing single garage doors, brick pier etc.
  • Supply and fit load bearing steel lintel
  • Supply and fit 15’ x 7’ up and over (manually operated) horizontal steel garage door

We tender to all making good and dispose of any rubbish created during the installation. We also offer additional Garage Doors extras and can fit any door style for you in the necessary size. Alternative sizes, designs, models and automation all available. Contact our expert team for more details.

Make your garage more energy efficient

7 tips on making your garage more energy efficient

Make your garage more energy efficient

Your garage is an important part of your house and generally takes up 30% of your home. We are always looking for ways to save you money. Here are our tips for improving your garage and lowering your energy bills.

1. Insulate your garage door: A new insulated garage door could save you money in the long run, keeping any heat inside. You could also look to buy an insulation kit.

2. Garage door floor seal: The Weather Defender has been designed to form an excellent seal between the garage door and the floor. The floor seal prevent unwanted water seeping in under the gap of your garage door and also stops rain, snow, leaves, dust and dirt being pushed under your garage door by the wind!

3. Upgrade your lights: Use LED lights in your garage. Led last up to 12 time longer than a standard halogen bulb and you could save up to 85% energy by switching to Affinity lighting LED lamps.

4. Seal any doors connecting your house to your garage. Install weather-stripping around the door frame and ensure there are no leaks. If your doorstep isn’t properly sealing at the bottom of your door, apply a draft excluder.

5. Seal any cracks in your garage floor: Cracks in your garage floor introduce cold air into your garage and allow heat to escape. Concrete sealant will help prevent heated air from escaping and stop cold air entering.

6. Solar heating: Avoid using electricity or gas to keep your garage warm and even generate electricity for the rest of your home by installing energy efficient solar panels on the roof. Solarvis Energy offer a range of domestic solar panels providing reliability, versatility and performance.

7. Storage and organisation: Is there still too much really useful stuff in your garage that you may need one day? If so, get a shed and store more items there. Organising your garage can help reduce waste as you won’t go out and buy more materials that you may already have but that are hidden under things.

For more information from the specialist garage door installation and repair team, contact Access Garage doors today – 0800 716569!

Sliding Garage Doors

Round The Corner Sliding Garage Doors

Side Sliding Garage Doors – The door for special fitting situations and requirements.

Round-the-corner garage doors are made to measure and are available in timber and aluminium. They can be automated or manually operated and are suitable for large openings and curved buildings. Round-the Corner doors are ideal for architect led projects, refurbishment and the conservation of listed and traditional buildings.

Side Sliding Garage Doors

Side Sliding Garage Doors

These sliding garage doors can be made from quality treated timber, aluminium or insulated steel. Both the bespoke wooden and metal garage doors have numerous options for personalisation and adaption into a wide variety of installations from domestic garages and underground car parks, to stables, to boathouses and even light aircraft hangars.

Round the Corner Garage Doors are popular for larger garages as there are virtually no width restrictions and depending on material these doors can be up to 5 metres high. The garage doors can be made from various timbers such as superior spruce, hemlock, larch, oak and sapele. All these timber options are hand selected to be virtually knot free and can be factory stain or paint finished. Alternatively garage doors can be made from aluminium with various finishes.


Painting Worn Garage Doors

HOW TO – Paint Worn Garage Doors

You’ll need to source a good quality garage door paint for all round protection against any weather condition. It’s also recommended to prime the door first for best results.  Some garage door paints include added protection against mould growth and paint film too. Bare in mind the garage door will require a total of 2 coats, and you’ll have to wait until the following day to apply the re-coat.

painting garage doors

STEP 1: Clean your door

  • Wash your garage door and remove any dirt.
  • Ensure you rinse the door down and leave to dry.

STEP 2: Sanding the door

  • What your garage door type, metal or wood, it’s essential to sand the surface prior to applying paint. Skipping this will mean the fresh paint will not attach itself to the door properly.
  • Use sand paper and use heavy grade sandpaper on any particularly rusted areas (metal doors)
  • Remove any dust by vacuuming or wiping down.
  • If you sand to far down you may need to add a primer top coat to the door. If this is the case, prime the door and then paint the following day.

STEP 3: Painting the door

  • Cover the drive in front of your garage door to avoid paint spillages.
  • Start from the top of the door and work your way downwards, using a roller to roll the paint onto the garage door.
  • Use a brush to paint the edges around the door.
  • You’ll need a few coats so once the first coat is dry, apply a second layer. If possible leave the garage a few days to dry thoroughly before you start using it again.

If you need a new garage door browse our range of garage door types or contact us to find out more about of installation and fitting service.

Automating your old garage door

Own An Old-Style 90’s Garage Door?

Do you have an older-style – early 90’s Automated Garage Door? Over the years the automation of garage doors has evolved significantly. It is advisable to consider upgrading for security and energy reasons.

Automation is much cheaper, safer and more secure these days. In fact automated garage doors are now a standard request from most customers whatever their budget, and we think it’s great that automation so affordable.

We feel it’s worth mentioning to people who brought automated garage doors in the early 90’s that security has improved to such an extent, you should seriously consider upgrading those old doors.

Garage Door Automation

Back then the remote control operators issued static opening codes. This means there was always a chance that a would-be thief with some research could access a garage remotely with the owner suspecting a thing. This was simply a technological problem but poses a serious risk to garage owners.

Since then remote controls for garage doors are configured in such a way that the actual opening code for each individual door regenerates randomly through an almost infinite amount of possible codes. As such, up-to-date automated garage doors give customers the peace of mind of high-tech security.

Manufacturing materials and insulation have also improved so much in the just the last 15 years, it makes sense to replace older-style automated doors whenever possible, to conserve energy and make your home more secure. Call the team for more details or request a FREE survey.

Garage Door Types

Choosing the right garage door for your home

Selecting a new garage door for your property is a big decision. Garage doors offer the opportunity to add value to your property in addition to improving the look and efficiently.

If you’re looking for a new garage door as your current on needs replacing due to old age or you want to refresh the look of your home; undoubtedly you will have looked a mores styles and types than you thought imaginable. We thought we’d try and make it easy for you, here are the most common and main garage door types.

Garage Door Type

Garage Door Types

Garage doors can be categorised into four main types; Up and over garage doors, roller garage doors, section garage doors and side hinge garage doors. The most popular and usually the most practical of these is the up and over, available in canopy or retractable. If you are looking for an up and over garage door and thinking about automation, a retractable geared garage door would be an ideal choice, providing smooth operation and very little maintenance. Automation of garage doors is becoming ever more popular – up & over retractable garage doors use automated lifting gear meaning you simply click ‘open’ on the handset and your garage door opens – making your life nice and easy for you!

A best seller, available in a choice of paint or wood finishes, roller garage doors can be matched to your existing paint work or double glazing to coordinate your homes look. Manufactured from tough aluminium slats with an insulated core, roller garage doors are stylish, space saving, secure and safe and ever growing in popularity.

If you want to maximise the space inside and out of your garage then a sectional garage door may be more suitable and said to be garage door installer’s ultimate garage door of choice. Available in a section of colours and designs with space-saving technology and heat insulation, sectional doors are boGarage Door Typesth safe and robust whilst providing low-noise operation.

If you’re afters something more traditional a side hinged door would be ideal. If you have obstructions inside your garage limiting headroom, like many of using your garage is for storage, these garage doors open outwards. Side hinged garage doors are convenient and easy to use – they can be automated too!

Garage doors can also be defined by their material. Most doors are either aluminium or steel although timber and fibreglass doors are also available. Some materials lend themselves to custom painting while others come in predefined colour options. The material chosen can dramatically effect longevity and efficiency of the garage door, insulated garage doors boost thermal efficiency and often makes the garages a more useable space.

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