We'll help you throughout the process to choose, select suitable options and install your new garage door, front, bifold or sliding door to your satisfaction.

You may have started looking for a new garage door for a number of reasons. Whether your garage door is broken and no longer viable to repair, or you simply want to improve the look of your house with a new door, our expert team are here to help and guide you through the whole process from choosing your new garage door, to our expert fitters and engineers installing your new door or sun awning.

We’ll help you choose the right garage door as well as front door, bifold or sliding door. From canopy to retractable to automatic, we offer a wide range of garage doors and front doors from proven market leading manufacturers within the garage door industry, including Hormann and SWS.

Our unrivalled experience and expertise will ensure that you receive an installation of the highest possible standard and one that lasts you for many years to come. We can also tailor our installations to suit any requirements and complement your property’s existing style and colour.

If you’re looking to upgrade your double garage, we can easily convert your two single garage doors to one double garage door, to a size, style and finish that suits you. This includes RSJ lintel installation.

Make your life easier and add automation to your garage door for added security and convenience. Just ask us for more details and further information.

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Garage door installation

Prior To Installation

Your new door must be installed square and plumb to give you years of trouble free service. Likewise, your opening must be square and plumb to optimise the operation and the appearance of your door. We always like to point out some of the adverse site conditions that could affect performance of your new door:


  • If your door is not level at the opening, your door may not seal properly.
  • If your lintel is not level, your door may appear to be off level.
  • If your jambs or reveals are not plumb the appearance of your door may be affected.
  • If we are removing an old frame, there is no way to guarantee that brick or other masonry work will not be disturbed. We will carefully remove the old frame, but we cannot be held responsible for damage caused by the removal of the frame. For example loose masonry or plaster.


  • We often have to place fixings into the ceiling or walls of your garage and to find solid fixings we may need to make several holes as we try to locate solid points to fix into.
  • You must have a 13 amp socket in your garage in order for us to provide power to your electric opener. We cannot wire to a service board or lighting circuit. You will need a qualified electrician to wire a 13 amp socket at the opener head location (we will provide details on the proper location).

Installation Day

For garage doors and front doors, we generally insist that the door be installed after the floor is finished. However, if the finished floor is not yet in, you must clearly indicate where the finished floor level will be on the reveals so that we can install the door at the right height and set the limits on the opener (when automated). An additional call out charge will be incurred if we have to return to make adjustments to either the door or opener.

If your garage is being plastered, this work must be carried out before the door can be installed (including ceiling). Plaster in the track, guides or other workings of the door will damage the door and void your warranty.

Additional Information for New Build or Renovation

A mutually convenient installation day will be arranged with you. On the day our engineer will arrive with your new door or awning prepared and ready to install. There are a few things we need you to do and be aware of to ensure things run smoothly.

1. We will need clear access to allow us to install your new door – please ensure cars are moved from in front of and inside the garage. During the fitting of a new door, a clear working area is required extending approximately 3.0 metres into the garage.
2. To automate your garage door you must either have a power source within 600mm of where the control unit is positioned or be able to bring power to the control unit safely. Access Garage Doors specialist installers are not electricians and therefore cannot perform electrical work that needs to be undertaken by a trained electrical professional.
3. When we are replacing an existing frame which has been sealed to the brickwork with mastic. We will endeavour to remove the old mastic as best as possible, however sometimes it is impossible to completely remove or indeed fully cover with new silicone sealant. If making good is required to the inside of a new frame, this is generally left for the homeowner to deal with. We will ‘dress’ out of square openings as best as possible.
4. As part of our service we’ll remove your old door, frame and fittings from site, saving you the inconvenience and expense of disposing of them. Just let us know if you want to keep your old door and we’ll leave it safely stacked. We’ll also remove from your property all packaging from the new door.
5. All electrically operated garage doors must, by law, be CE marked to signify the installation complies with the legal requirements covered by the Machinery Directive, the Construction Products Directive, the Low Voltage Directive and the Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Directive. As part of the CE marking process the installer will demonstrate the safe use of the product to you.
6. Hand over as a legal requirement for electrically operated garage doors and also part of our service for manually operated doors, we’ll take you through a full demonstration of the product to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new door before asking you to sign off on a job well done!

1. We will require clear access to allow us to install your new door – please ensure that any nearby free standing furniture and or items hanging from a wall are relocated elsewhere whilst the installation takes place to avoid damage.
Where alarm contacts are fitted to the existing door they should be removed prior to the installation and refitted afterwards by your alarm company.
2. Installation with a Frame.
a) If telephone cables are tacked to the frame these will require removal by others prior to the installation.
b) Carpet/Laminate flooring may require cutting/trimming by us.
c) If the existing frame has been sealed to brickwork with mastic. We will endeavour to remove the old mastic as best as possible, however sometimes it is impossible to completely remove or indeed fully cover with new silicone sealant.
d) Unless otherwise stated UPVC trim will be used internally/externally to conceal gaps if too large for silicone sealant to be effective.
e) Making good by others.

1. We will require clear access to allow us to install your new Awning. All garden furniture, plants pots, hanging baskets etc. require relocating elsewhere whilst the installation takes place to avoid damage.
2. We require a live 13 AMP IP (Ingress Protection) rated power supply close to the motor end of the cassette below area where mounting brackets are to be fitted. Additional sockets are required for accessories such as lighting or heaters.
3. All battery operated components require regular checking to determine battery life remaining.
4. To optimise the working life of your manual awning we strongly recommend that it is wound in when winds pick up.

Please contact Access Garage Doors for further details or call on 0800 716569 during office hours Mon – Fri 7:30 – 17:00 pm.

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