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Up & Over Canopy
Up & Over Retractable Garage Door
Up & Over Retractable
Sectional Garage Door
Sectional Garage Doors
Roller Garage Door
Roller Garage Doors
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Side Hinged Doors
Side Sliding Garage Door
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Up & Over Garage Doors

Up & Over garage doors are essentially available with two types of mechanism, canopy gear, also known as trackless canopy and retractable gear also known as tracked or slideaway. If you are looking to automate your garage door either straightaway or in the future, retractable mechanism is the better option.

Up and Over Canopy Gear

Suitable for most applications as the canopy tracks are mounted vertically on the door frame
Ideal for use where no power is available as is primarily intended for manual use although can be automated with a special operator or an operator conversion arm
Vast array of material choice including Steel, GRP, Timber and ABS
Biggest range of design choices
Suitable for single size openings only up to a maximum door size of 8’0” x 7’0”

Up and Over Retractable Gear

Suitable for the majority of applications but has restrictions due to the retractable tracks that ingress into the garage horizontally at the door height
Suitable for direct automation using a standard operator with no need for a conversion arm – this can be fitted at the same time as the door or easily be retrofitted at a later date
Vast array of material choice including Steel, GRP, Timber and ABS
Along with Canopy gear up and over doors has the biggest range of design choices
Suitable for single and double size openings with a maximum door size of 16’0” x 7’0”

Up & Over Canopy Garage Door
Up & over garage door
Up & Over Retractable Garage Door
Timber garage doors
RollMatic Garage Doors
RollMatic Hormann
Roller Garage Door
RollMatic Garage Door

Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are an innovative solution to creating a smart garage door, providing plenty of space in front of and inside the garage. Made from high quality corrosion free aluminium, the hollow space of the profile is filled with polyurethane rigid foam for good thermal insulation and quiet door travel.

Space saving and door rolls into a coil in the space above the door – meaning no tracking that ingresses into the garage
Vertical Lifting – maximising the external space available – ideal where limited drive way space is available and a requirement where the door space opens onto a public by-way
Available as insulated or non-insulated
Manufactured from either steel or aluminium – depending on class of door
Secured by Design and specific high security options available
Automatic as standard with manual options available – manual doors cannot have motors retro-fitted
Wide range of colours available

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are non protruding and open vertically thus providing maximum space both inside and outside the garage, some say that sectional garage doors are the engineer’s choice and probably the ultimate in garage doors. Available in an attractive selection of designs and colours with space-saving technology, heat insulation and are safe and robust whilst providing low-noise operation.

There are endless options to choose from, including different materials, finishes and window options. Available in manual and automatic operation. These garage doors are so well engineered that they will provide years of trouble free use.

Vertical Lifting – maximising the external space available – ideal where limited drive way space is available and a requirement where the door space opens onto a public by-way
Available as insulated or non-insulated
Available in Steel or Timber
Widest range of colour choice with most RAL colours (except pearl colours) available
Can be automated easily or provided as a manual operated door
Sealed all round with rubber gaskets on the frame legs and header and a rubber compression seal on the bottom of the door, helping prevent ingress of leaves, debris and draughts
High level of security with insulated doors

Sectional Garage Door
Steel sectional garage doors
Steel sectional garage doors
Timber sectional garage doors
Hormann side hinged garage door
Hormann side hinged garage doors
Side Hinged Garage Door
GRP side hinged door

Side Hinged Garage Doors

In recent years there has been a revival in demand for traditional side hinged garage doors. Ideal if you have obstructions inside your garage or limited headroom or if your garage is used for storage. Opening outwards side hinged doors are easy and convenient to use and can be automated using special conversion arms. There are numerous size, style, material and colour options available.

Side hinged doors can be supplied pre-hung in their own steel frame or to fit to existing or new timber frames.

Available in traditional and contemporary designs
Steel, timber and GRP options available
Steel insulated options available
Various configurations available such as 50/50 split, 2/3rd – 1/3rd Split, Right hand or left hand leading – some manufacturers offer inward opening
Large array of designs and glazing options

Sliding Garage Doors

The side sliding sectional door offers advantages including creation of garage ceiling space, because the door opens to the side you can use the entire ceiling of the garage and also fast access to the garage.

  • Light, quiet, precise using the precision of twin rollers at the bottom of the door in a rounded floor rail
  • Includes finger trap protection inside and outside and double automatic safety cut-out
  • Automation allowing easy quick access to the garage

 Space saving
 Manual as standard, automation possible
 Huge range of styles, colours and finishes
 Manufactured in a range of materials
 Made to measure

Side Sliding Garage Door
Round the Corner Sliding Wooden Garage Door
Sliding garage doors
Rundum Round the Corner Sectional Timber

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