Markilux 990 Visutex

Markilux 990 Manual Awning in Metallic Anthracite Grey Installed in Worcester Park

Markilux 990 Manually Operated Retractable Awning Installed in Worcester Park by our New Malden Branch.

This 3 metre wide by 2.5 metres retractable awning installation features servo assisted winding gear with 1m handle, standard wall mount brackets and wall sealing profile to prevent water dripping between the awning and wall. Full cassette in metallic anthracite grey finish with beautifully designed Visutex 36901 fabric.

The Markilux 990 retractable awning is ideal for small patios & balconies with a 125mm flat cassette and a pitch of up to 70 degrees. The folding arms & awning cover disappear in the U-shaped front profile which is ideal for maintaining a neat exterior profile. 


Markilux 990 Visutex

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