SWS SeceuroGlide Insulated Roller Garage Door

SWS Original Insulated Roller Garage Door in White

SWS SeceuroGlide Insulated Roller Garage Door Finished in White & Installed in Ashford by our New Malden Branch.

SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors are manufactured from tough twin-walled aluminium slats with an insulating core, the roller door curtain is held in place with high performance webbing which is rarely affected by temperature extremes.

SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors are available in a choice of 18 paint or wood-effect finishes and over 40 textured woodgrain finishes, allowing you to match your door to any existing themes which may already be present on the exterior of your home.

Our SeceuroGlide Original Roller garage doors are now Secured by Design (SBD) as standard, the police-preferred specification which boast a reduction of 87% in crime on new developments and are also up to 75% less likely to be burgled.

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