Garador Beautmont / Hormann Promatic / Side-Hinged Garage Door

Garador Beaumont Side-Hinged Garage Door in Jet Black

The Garador Beaumont Side-Hinged Garage Doors, available with a choice of cross, diamond, or standard windows (Clear or Crystal), combining great aesthetics & reliable performance. With both garage doors opening outwards, they maximise space within the garage, whilst preventing draughts with 3 sides featuring weather strips.

This installation was finished in “Jet Black”, however with over 25 different colour options you’re guaranteed a unique finish! Alongside this, you have the option of 4 handles, which are positioned inside and out. If the outer handle isn’t required due to security concerns, this can also be catered for.

Automation options are also available for side-hinged garage doors, with a Hormann Promatic Operator being complete with conversion arms on this installation. The Hormann Promatic features proven Hormann technology (Found in their premium operators). If your garage lacks a mains power supply, with the Hormann Promatic Akku, automation is still an option!

In the off chance this operator runs into issues, an override is fitted allowing you access to your garage in emergencies such as a power cut (Assuming its run off the mains). This feature comes at no cost to your security and will not affect normal operation of the operator.

You can find out more about Side Hinged Garage Doors, or look further into our Wooden or Steel range.

This installation was attended too in Rickmansworth by our Watford Branch. Please get in contact with us to discuss your garage door needs, be it automation, repairs or replacements! Visit or call 0800 716 569 to speak with one of our advisors.

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