SeceuroGlide Compact Roller Garage Door in White

SeceuroGlide Compact Insulated Roller Garage Door in White

SWS SeceuroGlide Compact Insulated Roller Garage Door in White, installed in Byfleet by our New Malden Branch

SeceuroGlide Compact Roller Garage Doors, use insulated aluminium slats that are significantly narrower than those featured on other roller doors. This allows a tighter, smaller coil requiring just 205mm of the headroom which is ideal for garages with limited space above the garage door opening.

SeceuroGlide Compact Roller Garage Doors also feature maximum weather protection.

Compact doors are available in ten paint finishes and a choice of over forty wood grain finishes that combine low maintenance with durability. With its built-in timed courtesy lights & manual winding handles allows the Garage to be accessible in case of a power failure. 

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