Garador Georgian Double Retractable Garage Door finished in “Traffic White”

Garador Georgian Double Retractable Garage Door finished in “Traffic White”

A Garador Georgian Double Retractable Garage Door finished in “Traffic White”. As this model is available in 17 more colours, matching your home is a breeze! Equally, it is available in both single and double door options dependant on what is required. This door can be paired with Canopy gear as well. Find out what is the difference between the Canopy and Retractable Garage Doors.

This installation was assembled alongside a new steel frame with Retractable Gear, fitted by our Croydon Branch in Purley.

If you have two garages next to each other and have problems with parking, it is easy to remove the central pillar, install an RSJ lintel and fit new double garage door. This is called double garage door conversion and we provide this service on a regular basis.

Although the Up and Over doors offer incredible security, they lack in thermal insulation. If you’d like to keep your garage draught-free and protected from the weather elements, we recommend double roller door or sectional garage door. A cheaper and more straightforward option of protecting your garage from the rain, water, leaves, dust and even rodents is by installing a Garage Door Threshold Seal – Weather Defender. It won’t thermally insulate your garage, but helps to keep it dry and clean.

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