SWS Classic Roller Garage Door in Fir Green

SWS Classic Roller Garage Door in Fir Green

An SWS Seceuroglide Classic Roller Garage Door fitted behind in the opening in Fir Green. This installation was handled by our Croydon Branch in Bletchingly.

Available in 18 paint or wood effect finishes, there is a choice of over 40 woodgrain finishes allowing a precise match to your property’s appearance! It is fully customisable with vented slats (Allowing good air circulation), vision slats (Allowing natural light into your garage) to Power Coated End Plates or Boxes to fit the roller outside the garage, freeing up even more space.

Roller Garage Doors take up very little space inside your garage, however, can be fitted outside the garage for an even less intrusive fit without sacrificing security! Additionally, extras may be fitted ranging from lighting to alarms to allow further protection against intruders alongside its “unique locking system”.

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