SWS Elite Georgian Sectional Garage Door Finished in Blac

SWS Elite Georgian Sectional Garage Door Finished in Black

SWS Elite Georgian Sectional Garage Door Finished in Black & Installed By Our Upminster Branch.

A recent installation that we carried out where the customer was looking for a garage door which would enhance the kerbside appeal of their home whilst also providing effective cover against the elements. The Garage door which was required also needed to take minimal room when opening externally due to the short drive.

Our solution was the Elite sectional garage door from SeceuroGlide as these doors come with a range of unique design features to ensure you have a smooth reliable door for many years to come. The Seceuroglide Sectional Garage Door creates a stylish feature that is sure to enhance the look of your home but also the security and installation. Vertical operation ensures you can park right up to your door and use your entire driveway.

Introducing the track connecting system, a patented running mechanism unique to our door. This feature not only gives a smooth operation but increases the strength of the whole operation of your door. Factory-fitted, partially-tensioned springs and cables ensure that the door is perfectly balanced for ease of use, with reliable operation for both manual or remote control automated doors.

The double weather-seal fitted to all of the SeceuroGlide Sectional doors gives you both an external seal against the weather but also an internal seal design to help form a thermal break on the door panel itself. The security features leave your home totally protected and weather seals on all sides provided all weather protection from wind and rain, ensuring your home is energy efficient, to save you money.

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