Fort Doors Steel Side Hinged Garage Door Finished in White

Fort Doors 50:50 Side Hinged Garage Doors Finished in White

Fort Doors Steel Side Hinged Garage Door in Alton design, installed in Joyden’s Wood by our Sidcup branch.

These side hinged Garage Doors came in the Alton design with vertical ribs and a shaped top. The bottom threshold on premium doors provides an excellent seal against leaves and other debris blowing under your door.

Fort Steel Side hinged garage doors are available 50:50 or 1/3:2/3 opening up to 14’0” wide. Aside from the ever popular white, doors are also available in the classic low gloss solid colours such as Anthracite Grey & Ruby Red.

We have showrooms across the South East & London that display working examples of various garage door styles, finishes and mechanisms alongside experts that are willing to help.

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