Markilux 5010 Awning

Markilux 5010 Retractable Awning with Spotlights and Heaters

Markilux 5010 Full Cassette Retractable Awning in Anthracite, with Sunsilk Fabric, Markilux LED Spotline and Infrared Heaters. Installed in Stevenage by our Watford Branch.

Markilux 5010 is oval shaped cassette awning in a slender design of extremely robust construction, ideally suited for shading large areas – up to 7m wide with max projection of 4 metres. Comes with twin steel link chain folding arms and manual operation but can be upgraded with servo manual, hard wired or radio controlled motor. There is a number of options available such as polished chrome end caps, drop valance and this awning can be coupled to provide even larger shaded areas.

A huge selection of fabric types, patterns and colours allows for every awning to be truly individual.

this installation also includes Markilux’s LED Spotline and infrared heaters to make use of the patio in colder and darker evenings.

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Markilux 5010 Awning

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