Fort Vertical Steel Side Hinged Garage Door in Signal Blue

Fort Vertical Side Hinged Garage Door in Signal Blue

Fort Vertical Small Rib Steel Side Hinged Garage Door in Signal Blue, installed by our Sidcup branch.

Side hinged garage doors from Fort Doors with the classic vertical ribs design and standard 50/50 opening. Apart from the Signal Blue on this installation, these garage doors are available in other 17 colour options such as Light Blue, Ruby Red or Mahogany Brown. Good enough to match your new garage door with the look and feel of your home and other existing features.

With a maximum door width of 14 feet, this garage door would fit most garages and provide a secure and stylish garage entrance.  One of the main benefits of side hinged garage doors is that you can open only one leaf to access the garage and not the whole door as you would normally with other types of doors. Another benefit is that the door doesn’t take any space inside the garage – there are no tracks or moving part protruding. Fort Side hinged garage doors are also available in 1/3:2/3 opening where the narrower leaf acts almost as a side door.

If you are looking to replace your existing garage door please call 0800 716 569 or request a free survey .

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