Insulated garage doors on the rise

Insulated garage doors have continued to rise in popularity over the years. Our garage door fitters have looked at reasons why their popularity has increased, explaining why people are buying them more.

Alutech Sectional Garage Door L-Ribbed

Alutech Sectional L-ribbed

Insulated garage doors are more readily available:

More garage door manufacturers are making insulated garage doors readily available; with many more featuring either a double skinned steel or aluminium panel design. The insulation not only provides its primary purpose but also adds strength to the door which in turn provides great stability, see our range of Hormann and Alutech sectional garage doors as a market leading example.

Great for double door garage conversions:

With more families considering converting their garage in recent years, in turn, meant more families have looked at a way of insulating their garage door to prevent heat loss. Although some think of taking their door out, ones that still want their home to look like it features a garage often choose the very best insulated garage doors for best results.

Climate change is affecting your garage door:

With the summers getting warmer and the winters are considerably cooler, insulated garage doors aid both scenarios, keeping your garage cool in the summer and warm in winter. Insulated garage doors provide a greater seal against rain water and other items, especially compared against a traditional older style up and over garage door.

Such has been the increase in demand, companies like Hormann have been technologically advancing their insulated garage doors as well, to help provide an even greater product. If you are looking at adding a new garage door to your home, insulated garage doors are also very competitive in price, so you could get great energy-saving benefits as well.


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