Weather Defender
The Ultimate Garage Door Threshold Seal

We call Weather Defender the ultimate garage door threshold seal.
The seal stops rain, leaves, debris and even rodents entering your garage through the gap between the bottom of your garage door and garage floor. Especially visible during the autumn months with plenty of rain and leaves falling of the trees. If your garage door has a gap at the bottom then you are possibly finding your garage flooded, full of leaves and potentially with some damage to the stored items.

Weather Defender can perfectly deal with these problems. When installed correctly, it will form a weatherproof seal that will prevent any unwanted elements entering your garage and protect the items laying on the floor. It has a perfect shape to drive over when entering or leaving the garage and comes with a high visibility yellow strip at the top to prevent tripping over. The design features and innovative elements make Weather Defender a truly unique solution.

Compared to other similar products with hollow chambers, Weather Defender is a 100% solid marine grade PVC that won’t deflate or crack over time. It is extremely easy to install and it bonds to the floor using a super strong adhesive sealant so no drilling or screws are required.

We offer Weather Defender with most new garage door installations but the seal kit can be purchased separately and easily fitted by the user.

Weather Defender floor seal
Weather Defender dimensions

The Full Specs of Weather Defender

Suitable for All Garage Door Types
Fitted to both Manual & Automatic Garage Doors
Easy to fit – includes strong adhesive sealant
Exceptionally tough, unique and innovative
Forms weatherproof seal between the garage door and floor
Stops rain, leaves, dust, debris & rodents entering closed garage
Available in various pre-cut lengths or cut to size
Designed & made in the UK
Weather Defender XL roll with adhesives
Weather Defender


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