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Choosing the right garage door for you is made easy with Access Garage door. We offer a wide range of options and choices, working with leading manufacturers to bring you the best quality and the most affordable prices.

If your current garage door is broken, you want to improve security, reduce maintenance or you simply want to improve the look of your home, whatever your requirement, we can help you with free friendly advice and a free home survey. We’ll help your find the perfect garage door for your property.

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Which garage door should you purchase?

This depends on the budget and your needs. The following will give you some ideas where to start.

If you are working to a tight budget, then the ideal choice will be a horizontally ribbed steel garage doors with canopy mechanism fitted to the existing timber frame (if there is an existing frame and it is in good order).  Otherwise go for a matching steel fixing frame.


If you currently have wooden side hinged garage doors and want to replace them with a reasonably priced automatic up and over garage doors.  The natural choice will be steel garage doors, which will be available with different designs to choose from. Retractable mechanism, steel fixing frame and a conventional overhead garage door electric operator.


At present your existing up and over garage door is very draughty and your garage is integral.  You want a new garage door which is better sealed.  The best garage doors to combat draughts are either sectional garage doors or insulated roller shutter garage doors.


I currently struggle to get my car in the garage as the drive through opening width is tight.  I have timber jambs mounted to either side of the brickwork and this seems to be the main problem. I have a return on the inside face of both brick piers and ample length in the garage.
The ideal solution will be to have a new garage door and frame fitted behind the returns, you will lose a little length on the garage but you could gain on average around 6 inches on the drive through width.


I have a period looking property and I want a garage door that will be in keeping.  Go for a woodgrain fibreglass (GRP) or timber garage doors.  There is a vast selection to choose from.


I have a shallow drive at the front of my house and have to regularly enter the garage through the up and over garage door.  Because these types of garage doors swings out I have to park my car in the road and it is forever getting damaged.  Is there a solution?
Yes there is, you need a non-protruding garage door such as a sectional or roller garage door, then you will be able to park right up to the garage door.


I would love to have an automatic garage doors but my garage has no secondary access.  What happens if there is a power failure?  Simple, all electrically operated garage doors that we fit have an external release device.


I have a triple garage with 3 separate doors which I want to automate, will I have to use 3 different hand transmitters?  No, you will be supplied with one transmitter, which will have 3 buttons.


My garage is mainly used for storage, which type of garage doors will take up the least amount of room inside the garage?  Either roller garage doors or side hinged garage doors that open outwards.


A few final points to bear in mind:

If you go from side hinged garage doors to a new manual up and over garage door, make sure that the garage door will be within your height reach.


When changing from side hinged garage doors to a retractable garage doors or sectional garage doors, do you have a pedestrian door which opens into the garage that will foul the tracks?


When converting from side hinged garage doors to any door that goes back into the garage, be sure to consider any other internal obstructions such as chimney breasts. Or joists that restrict headroom.  Similarly up and over garage doors maybe a problem.  If you have a fence outside the garage or a steep drive that could obstruct the garage door when being raised.


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