Hormann LPU42 Garage Door in a Golden Oak Decograin

Hormann LPU42 Garage Door in a Golden Oak Decograin

A Hormann LPU42 M-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door finished in a Golden Oak Decograin. Installed with a CTP 3-1 Code Switch (Capable of operating 3 individual garage doors), the CTP 3-1 can open/close your garage door via a unique pin code & connects directly to your operator. It was fitted by our New Malden Branch in Hounslow.

The LPU42 M-Ribbed Garage Door suits any property aesthetics, whether your home is traditional or modern. The smooth lines created by the M Ribs (1 Horiztonal Rib per Panel) fit many appearances, with a matching front door also available.

The LPU42 Sectional Garage Door can also be fitted with many accessories. These range from code switches, internal push buttons to fingerprint scanners and photocell kits! Providing easier access into your garage for you, yet harder for intruders, with the photocell kit preventing any accidents or damage to your property. Photocell kits use beams of light and sensors that tell the operator to stop as soon as one of these beams are broken in the event of the closing door encountering an obstruction.

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