A Woodrite Arched Side Hinged Door in Jet Black

A Bespoke Woodrite Arched Side Hinged Garage Door (including frame) finished in a Jet Black RAL 9005 colour

A Bespoke Woodrite Arched Side Hinged Garage Door (including frame) finished in a Jet Black RAL 9005 colour, installed in Orpington by our Sidcup Branch. We also made a plywood template for both Woodrite and the builder to ensure a perfect fit.

With years of experience in bringing one-off bespoke designs to life, alongside Woodrite, we can create wooden garage doors designed to your individual taste. Regardless of your requirements, call us and we will advise you on the best approach to your special project.

If you’re after a new garage door, then please book a free survey or call 0800 716 569

A Woodrite Twickenham Side Hinged Garage Door finished in Mahogany

A Woodrite Twickenham Side Hinged Garage Door finished in Mahogany

A Woodrite Twickenham Side Hinged Garage Door finished in Mahogany but constructed from Cedar! This installation was fitted by our Sidcup Branch.

Woodrite’s York range of wooden side-hinged garage doors are handcrafted in cedar using mortice & tenon joints and so require no steel chassis or subframe! The “100% wooden” York range features 28 designs including the Twickenham which are treated with a base coat, making it ready to stain yourself. Alternatively, they can be fully finished in any RAL colour or 10 classic timber shades.

Whether you need your garage door repaired, or would like to find a new garage door, front door, awning or to add automation, you can count on us! Call 0800 716 569 or book a free survey

A pair of Woodrite Side-Hinged Garage Doors

A pair of Woodrite, Twickenham, Side-Hinged Garage Doors in Chocolate Oak

A pair of Woodrite, Twickenham, Side-Hinged Garage Doors in Chocolate Oak. It was installed by our Sidcup Branch in Bromley.

Woodrite’s York range of side-hinged Cedar garage doors features 28 unique designs, including the Twickenham. Constructed from Cedar, all York doors are of solid construction using mortice & tenon joints to promote security. In addition, Woodrite also offer personnel doors in the same design & finish as those chosen for your new garage door!

We don’t only supply, fit & repair garage doors, we also offer front doors, patio doors, internal doors & awnings/shading systems! Call us on 0800 716 569 or book a free survey.

Woodrite Northwold Retractable Garage Door

A Woodrite Northwold Special Design Retractable Garage Door

A Woodrite Northwold Special Design Retractable Garage Door with 160mm wide boarding. Constructed from Accoya Timber, with a matching frame, it was finished in a RAL7039 Quartz Grey. This installation was complete with a Hormann Supramatic E Operator in Winchmore Hill by our Watford Branch.

The Thetford range of Garage Doors from Woodrite are manufactured from Accoya Wood, named after the UKs largest Pine Forest. Accoya wood is a High-Technology Softwood which manages to match or exceed the durability, stability and aesthetics of the counterpart tropical Hardwoods whilst being made from sustainable sources! It can be finished in any RAL, with each finish carrying a 10-year warranty from Teknos.

Paired with this Woodrite Northwold Retractable Garage Door is a Hormann Supramatic E Operator. The Supramatic E combines convenience, reliability and elegance & will make you question how you ever lived without one. Claiming to be 50% faster at opening your door, the Supramatic E comes with Hormann’s latest BiSecur radio system keeping your garage safe & secure.

With an ever-expanding product range, we aim to provide not only the best service & advice but also the best Garage Doors, Front, Internal & Patio Doors alongside Awnings & Shading Systems throughout the South East. Get in touch by calling 0800 716 569 or by booking a free survey.

2 x Woodrite Wawrick Thames, wide-vertical boarded, Idigbo canopy garage doors

2 x Woodrite Wawrick Thames, wide-vertical boarded, Idigbo canopy garage doors

2 x Woodrite Wawrick Thames, wide-vertical boarded, Idigbo canopy garage doors & Fascias finished in Natural Oak. These were fitted in Homer Green by our Watford Branch alongside matching Idigbo side gates, also finished in natural Oak.

Hand-built and fully finished to the highest standards, Woodrite pride themselves on their unique timber garage doors. Idigbo is a hardwood very similar to oak, however, it is much lighter and therefore allows a wider choice of gear type.

Woodrite up & over garage doors are suited for their Masta-Gear or Super-Chassis, both in standard and made to measure sizes. They offer a solid-construction option for the Masta-Gear which employs wider and deeper wooden rails with bracing, to eliminate the need for a steel chassis. This aims to reduce “door sag” in the open position for larger doors.

We stock garage doors and automation from leading manufacturers (Including SWS, Woodrite, Hormann and Garador) whilst also being equipped to perform most repairs you may require. To find out more, call us on 0800 716 569 or book a free survey

Hormann LTH Sectional Garage Door

Hormann LTH Sectional Garage Door in Nordic Pine

A Hormann LTH Sectional Garage Door, being solid timber offer excellent insulation properties however it excels in customisation. A simple drawn design can be milled onto your door through Hormann’s CAD-aided process. If this isn’t your style, there are many different accents and designs to choose from so you’re able to have a unique, original garage door.

This LTH has a Nordic Pine finish, coupled with a Hormann SupraMatic E Operator, installed by our New Malden Branch. We are able to upgrade your old garage door with a garage door opener or help you choose a new garage door. Please call 0800 716 569 to get in touch or book a free survey to find out your options.

Rundum Meir Sliding Garage Doors

Rundum Meir Sliding Garage Doors – 40 years in the making

Rundum Meir - Main

Oak overhead sectional 4.2 m h x 2.6 m w

Rundum Meir have 40 years experience in making bespoke, sliding garage doors to order.

The wide range of materials they use in the construction of their garage doors, which include aluminium, insulated steel and a variety of timbers, such as oak, are ideal for architect-led projects, refurbishment, and conservation of listed and traditional buildings.

Rundum sliding garage doors can be made to fit almost any opening including curved or unusual shapes. And the superb build quality and engineering ensures all custom made garage doors operate very smoothly and quietly. They also have many additional advantages and features such as electric remote automation and insulation.

Both the bespoke wooden and metal doors have numerous options for personalisation to create a wide variety of installations.



Garage Door Types

Choosing the right garage door for your home

Selecting a new garage door for your property is a big decision. Garage doors offer the opportunity to add value to your property in addition to improving the look and efficiently.

If you’re looking for a new garage door as your current on needs replacing due to old age or you want to refresh the look of your home; undoubtedly you will have looked a mores styles and types than you thought imaginable. We thought we’d try and make it easy for you, here are the most common and main garage door types.

Garage Door Type

Garage Door Types

Garage doors can be categorised into four main types; Up and over garage doors, roller garage doors, section garage doors and side hinge garage doors. The most popular and usually the most practical of these is the up and over, available in canopy or retractable. If you are looking for an up and over garage door and thinking about automation, a retractable geared garage door would be an ideal choice, providing smooth operation and very little maintenance. Automation of garage doors is becoming ever more popular – up & over retractable garage doors use automated lifting gear meaning you simply click ‘open’ on the handset and your garage door opens – making your life nice and easy for you!

A best seller, available in a choice of paint or wood finishes, roller garage doors can be matched to your existing paint work or double glazing to coordinate your homes look. Manufactured from tough aluminium slats with an insulated core, roller garage doors are stylish, space saving, secure and safe and ever growing in popularity.

If you want to maximise the space inside and out of your garage then a sectional garage door may be more suitable and said to be garage door installer’s ultimate garage door of choice. Available in a section of colours and designs with space-saving technology and heat insulation, sectional doors are boGarage Door Typesth safe and robust whilst providing low-noise operation.

If you’re afters something more traditional a side hinged door would be ideal. If you have obstructions inside your garage limiting headroom, like many of using your garage is for storage, these garage doors open outwards. Side hinged garage doors are convenient and easy to use – they can be automated too!

Garage doors can also be defined by their material. Most doors are either aluminium or steel although timber and fibreglass doors are also available. Some materials lend themselves to custom painting while others come in predefined colour options. The material chosen can dramatically effect longevity and efficiency of the garage door, insulated garage doors boost thermal efficiency and often makes the garages a more useable space.

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