Hörmann Thermo46 Entrance Door, Finished in Anthracite Grey

Hörmann Thermo46 Entrance Door, Finished in Anthracite Grey

Hörmann Thermo46 Entrance Door, Finished in Anthracite Grey & Installed in Aveley By Our Upminster Branch.

This front door was finished in anthracite grey, both internally and externally along with the door cill itself, giving the door a consistent look. Thanks to the standard 5-point security lock, the front doors are also ideally equipped when it comes to security, giving you reassurance about safety within your own home.

The Thermo46 door is known for its excellent thermal insulation properties, thus helping you to save money through energy costs whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. The glazing element within the door itself is triple glazed in clear glass with horizontal stripes adding a contemporary look to the door itself with the glazing on the door providing excellent insulation.

You can customise your Hörmann door with colours, glazings and side elements with 13 door styles available to choose, from modern to classic.

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Truedor TR1H Insulated Composite Personnel Side Door

Truedor TR1H Insulated Composite Personnel Side Door

Truedor TR1H Insulated Composite Personnel Side Door Installed In Shirley By Our Croydon Branch.

The Cottage range brings a sense of the countryside to any home and with a solid wood-look finish, delivers substance without losing any of the style. This side door features a vertically ribbed design & is finished in anthracite grey inside & out.

The installed door features the Turner design from the Truedors cottage range and is available in several different styles; choose from a wide variety of colours, and wood stains along with a great choice of glass options. It is finished with a classic ‘tongue and groove’ appearance, reminiscent of a sturdy cottage door.

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Hormann Thermo 46 in Titanium Metallic Decograin
Hormann Thermo 46 in Titanium Metallic Decograin

A Hormann Thermo 46 Steel Front Door in a Titanium Metallic Decograin

A Hormann Thermo 46 (TPS 515) Insulated Steel Front Door, finished in a Titanium Metalic Decograin. It features a multi-point locking, 3 x clear glass side elements with black aluminium cills & an offset, brushed steel handle. It was installed in East Farleigh by our Sidcup Branch.

The Hormann Thermo 46 has a 46mm thick door leaf, with a CFC-free PU rigid foam infill. Paired with a double seal, as well as a brush seal along the bottom it offers great protection against bad weather plus excellent thermal insulation.

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A Hormann Thermo46 Front Door in Traffic White

A Hormann Thermo46 Front Door finished in Traffic White

A Hormann Thermo46 Front Door finished in Traffic White. It was installed in Brockley by our Sidcup Branch.

Hormann’s Thermo46 front doors come in 13 unique styles, this particular installation is a style 410 which features a stainless steel handle, 3-fold insulated glass with outside laminated safety glass. However, each individual style can be further customised with 16 of Hormann’s preferred colours or an option of 5 Decograin decors, with various glazings, side elements and transom lights to suit your preference.

All Horman Thermo46 front doors achieve excellent thermal insulation properties with a UD-value up to 1.1 W/(m2.K). They are equally equipped with multiple-point locking to create a break-in-resistant front door.

We provide front doors that meet high-security standards but also yield great thermal insulation to help you save energy. We also supply & fit garage doors, internal doors, patio doors & awnings! Call us on 0800 716 569 or book a free survey.

Hormann Thermo65 Style 800 entrance door

Hormann Thermo65 Style 800 entrance door in CH703 Decograin Foil

A Hormann Thermo65 Style 800 entrance door, with side elements, finished in CH703 Decograin foil. It features fully sandblasted triple glazing, an HB14-2 bar handle and custom Aluminium Cill! This installation was fitted in High Wycombe by our Watford Branch.

The Thermo65 is “the front door that makes you feel welcome”. With 13 attractive styles, 16 preferred colours and 5 decograin decors. Your new front door can be fully customised down to the glass, side-elements & handle. As a standard, these doors are equipped with 5-point security locking to ensure your home is protected. Its 65mm thick steel door leaf with a PU rigid foam infill and composite backing,will keep intruders out and the warmth in!

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Rockdoor Ultimate Dakota / Composite Entrance Door

Rockdoor Ultimate Dakota Composite Entrance Door in White

Rockdoor Ultimate Dakota Composite entrance door. With a top security rating of “1” and an excellent “A” energy efficiency rating.

At 50mm thick, it features a 44mm rigid core with carbon fibre reinforcing as well as 3mm high impact internal + external skin. Alongside this security, it has weather gaskets to prevent unwanted draughts plus should it be required, the glass is 22mm Argon filled soft coat glass with warm edge spacebar technology.

This particular installation was fitted with a bar handle, letter plate & misted glazed side element in Mill Hill by our Watford Branch. With plenty of customisation options, including spy holes, night latches to even sills, every door is tailored to your taste! Find out about our range, comparing what we have to offer.

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Insulated garage doors on the rise

Insulated garage doors have continued to rise in popularity over the years. Our garage door fitters have looked at reasons why their popularity has increased, explaining why people are buying them more.

Alutech Sectional Garage Door L-Ribbed

Alutech Sectional L-ribbed

Insulated garage doors are more readily available:

More garage door manufacturers are making insulated garage doors readily available; with many more featuring either a double skinned steel or aluminium panel design. The insulation not only provides its primary purpose but also adds strength to the door which in turn provides great stability, see our range of Hormann and Alutech sectional garage doors as a market leading example.

Great for double door garage conversions:

With more families considering converting their garage in recent years, in turn, meant more families have looked at a way of insulating their garage door to prevent heat loss. Although some think of taking their door out, ones that still want their home to look like it features a garage often choose the very best insulated garage doors for best results.

Climate change is affecting your garage door:

With the summers getting warmer and the winters are considerably cooler, insulated garage doors aid both scenarios, keeping your garage cool in the summer and warm in winter. Insulated garage doors provide a greater seal against rain water and other items, especially compared against a traditional older style up and over garage door.

Such has been the increase in demand, companies like Hormann have been technologically advancing their insulated garage doors as well, to help provide an even greater product. If you are looking at adding a new garage door to your home, insulated garage doors are also very competitive in price, so you could get great energy-saving benefits as well.


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