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NEW! SWS have rebranded their logos, marketing and added to their superb range of SeceuroShield high security shutters and grilles with the addition of SeceuroFire fire protection curtains and flame shutters. All of which Access Garage Doors are proud to supply and install with the knowledge we are providing the highest quality of brands and products.

SeceuroShield Security Shutters & Grilles

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SeceuroShield 38 security shutters
SeceuroShield 38
Security Shutters
SeceuroShield 60 security shutters
SeceuroShield 60
Security Shutters
SeceuroShield 75 security shutters
SeceuroShield 75
Security Shutters
SeceuroShield 77 security shutters
SeceuroShield 77
Security Shutters
SeceuroShield 150 security shutters
SeceuroShield 150
Security Shutters
SeceuroShield 3801 security shutters
SeceuroShield 3801
Security Shutters
SeceuroShield 7501 security shutters
SeceuroShield 7501
Security Shutters
SeceuroVision 38 security shutters
SeceuroVision 38
Security Shutters
SeceuroVision 75 security shutters
SeceuroVision 75
Security Shutters
SeceuroVision 800 security shutters
SeceuroVision 800
Security Shutters
SeceuroVision 900 security shutters
SeceuroVision 900
Security Shutters
SeceuroGuard 1000 security grilles
SeceuroGuard 1000
Security Grilles
SeceuroGuard 1001 security grilles
SeceuroGuard 1001
Security Grilles
Xpanda security grilles
Security Grilles
SeceuroBar removable window bars
Removable Window Bars


Physical Security Shutters & Grilles

SeceuroShield is a range of security shutters from SWS that provides physical security. All products are made to measure and with various options available.

All security shutters and grilles can be tailored to your requirements with colour options with solid designs or see-through shutters.

The SeceuroShield range of security shutters can be built-on or built-in with some offering heat and sound insulation as solid profiles.

The SeceuroVision range of see-through security shutters are either perforated or punched profiles providing between 17% up to 69% vision. These secuirty shutters can be combined with the solid SeceuroSheid profiles if only partial vision is required and for enhanced security.

The SeceuroGuard range of retractable security grilles and gates are custom built, exceptionally strong security barriers. Mulit-point locking and with a smooth carrier system is quick and easy to use.

SWS have raised the bar with their high level security by submitting their best designs for testing to meet the technical standards to be effictive against crime prevention. Some products have been approved and awarded the Secured by Design (SBD) and insurance approved Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).


  • Premises - Domestic, Retail, Commercial, Hospitality
  • Widths up to 6000mm
  • Insulation
  • Electric or manual
  • Any RAL/BS colour

*Not all options availble for all products.


Deterrent Security Products

Xpanda is a range of anti-burglar protection and deterrent security products. This security solution is an effective visual deterrent and security barrier suitable across a variety of applications.


Removable Window Bars

The SeceuroBar is a range of removable window bars to protect vulnerable openings. Quick and easy to install featuring anti-cut steel bars with secure locking. Suitable for intallation horizontally or vertically.

SeceuroFire Fire Protection

SeceuroFire logo



SeceuroFire 60 flame security shutters
SeceuroFire 60
Flame Security Shutters
SeceuroFire 120 flame security shutters
SeceuroFire 120
Flame Security Shutters
SeceuroFire 240 flame security shutters
SeceuroFire 240
Flame Security Shutters
SeceuroFire flame curtain
Flame Curtain


Flame Security Shutters

The flame security shutter is designed to be a security barrier and automatically close upon receiving a fire alarm signal to create a fire resistant barrier. In the event of a power failure, there is a battery backup feature to power the descent of the shutter.

  • Flame security shutters 1 hour rated Flame Security Shutter 60 - 1 hour rated
  • Flame security shutters 2 hour rated Flame Security Shutter 120 - 2 hour rated
  • Flame security shutters 4 hour rated Flame Security Shutter 240 - 4 hour rated

Automatic Fire Curtain from SWS

The flame fire curtain when deployed slows down the spread of fire, allowing a safe exit. The fire curtain can be face or reveal installed and is invisible when not in use. Provided with a tubular motor and battery back up as standard and a gravity failsafe where by the brake is released in the event of power failure and battery discharge.

  • Fire curtain 2 hour rated 2 hour rating
  • Helps stop the spread of fire
  • Invisible when not in use
  • Auto-operation
  • Gravity fail safe
  • Complies with regulations